Vignette: Taking the Bus

Posted on December 30, 2016 in GT Couple Fiction by

A vignette that I wrote based upon a drawing by Ryo Macro. Warning: for mature readers only.

Scott was halfheartedly scrolling through Facebook, hoping that his phone’s battery would last until he got home, when he felt the first tremor. He glanced up, realizing that the bus had stopped. When he peered out through the window, he saw cars clogging the street. There were also several people running on foot, obviously panicked about something. A middle-aged woman dropped her shopping bag, brand-new sweaters spilling out onto the sidewalk, but she didn’t stop to collect them. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Scott understood that something was horribly wrong, but he didn’t realize what that was until he felt another quake, this one strong enough to rock the bus beneath him.

The other passengers cried out, pointing, and Scott turned toward the back of the bus. Through the back window, he could see it. Or rather, them. They were colossal, too big to be alive, and yet Scott’s eyes weren’t deceiving him. He could feel the vibrations caused by their tremendous footsteps, the bus swaying harder and harder as they approached.

One was a woman, a brunette with hazel eyes and a cruel little smile. The other was a giant, long, golden locks surrounding his beautiful face. They didn’t seem particularly concerned about the people or vehicles at ground-level, and they pulverized anything (or anyone) unlucky to be underfoot. The noise was cacophonous, a hellish mixture of metal crunching and people shrieking and footsteps booming.

Scott stood up, unsure whether to flee or remain in the bus. His mind was spinning, caught up in frenzied panic, and before he had time to make a decision, an immense shadow fell over the bus. The giant and giantess were towering above them, and they were so big that Scott couldn’t see them all at once. He did see the streaks of crimson smeared across their feet, all that remained of those they had flattened into paste.

Thunder rumbled from overhead; no, it wasn’t thunder. They were talking to one another, but their voices were as deafening as jet engines. As Scott’s heart raced wildly in his chest, he imagined what they were saying. Maybe they had decided to go away, to leave everyone alone.

Except that wasn’t the case. With an earthshaking crash, the giant dropped down to his knees, and the giantess soon followed. Scott peeked out fearfully through the window, and he noticed that there was some sort of leash attached to the collar around the giant’s neck. The huge woman’s smile stretched wider, and she gave a quick tug at the leash. Scott’s eyes moved downward, and he saw an erection that was as large as their bus appear between the giant’s thighs.

There was more thunder as the giantess murmured into her companion’s ear, her dark brown hair falling over her face. Something clear and viscous splashed down onto the street near the bus; Scott saw that it was pre-cum, dribbling down in bucketfuls from the monolithic cock above them. Oh, God, he thought, unable to do anything but huddle in his seat.

The giantess yanked tighter, the giant tensed, his penis throbbing ominously. And then a flood of semen smashed down onto the bus, hitting hard enough to rattle the entire vehicle. Another passenger screamed, but Scott was too frightened to do anything but hold his breath, watching as the thick fluid dripped down over the windows, obscuring his view. Silence fell over everything; then, without warning, the giantess’ titanic fingers closed around the bus, denting the metal inward as she lifted it up. Most of the other passengers lost their footing, and they slid and rolled all over the bus. Scott managed to hold onto his seat, although his phone went flying.

Two massive eyes, greenish-brown and gleaming with undisguised malice, studied the people inside of the bus. The giantess said something; again, it was incomprehensible, although Scott thought it might be “This is perfect.”

The bus swung out of control like some crazy carnival ride as she lowered it down. What she was doing, he wasn’t sure. Chaos had broken out, and everyone was wailing and fighting to get out, although it was far too late for that. A loud thunk sound echoed through the bus, and it reminded him of a ship docking. The bus was now attached to the giantess, and she ran her fingers lightly over her metallic dildo.

The giant leaned forward, and through the windshield, Scott saw the giantess’ hands part the huge, fleshy globes of his buttocks. He finally joined the others in screaming as the titaness playfully thrust forward, once, twice. The third thrust slammed the bus against the tight, puckered hole of the giant’s anus, and the semen coating the vehicle helped slide it through. The daylight disappeared all at once, replacing by hot, suffocating darkness.

And then they were pulled back out with such violence that a woman was catapulted against the back of the bus, her leg shattered in an instant. They were rammed in. And out. And in. The world passed by in a dizzy blur, Scott’s stomach roiling. The final thrust did it; the last thing that he ever heard was metallic screeching as the bus imploded around them.

Illustration by Ryo Macro