The Grand Finale

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Four girls find themselves at the mercy of a vicious magician. Warning: for mature readers only.

Of all the things that they could have done that Saturday night, Catherine could hardly believe that her friends had wanted to go see a magic show. To her, magicians and wands were childish, and she would have preferred to go to a movie or a café or almost anywhere else. But her friends, who were still drunk from the party earlier, had unanimously decided to go see the great Maravillo. So Catherine, the only sober one in the group, had been reluctantly dragged along.

As she sat in the nearly empty theater, irritated at her friends’ constant giggling, she consoled herself on the fact that the magician was cute. Actually, he was very attractive, his figure slender and sleek underneath the black robes, his hair a deep gold that caught the stage lights. His eyes were the best part–exotic eyes, unlike any that she had ever seen before, a brown that was almost yellow. And, just as Maravillo was finishing up one of his tricks, he noticed how intensely Catherine watched him and responded with a wink.

Her redheaded friend Holly noticed and nudged her with her elbow.

“Hey, did you see that? I think he just winked at you,” she gleefully reported.

“I saw.”

“I bet he likes you,” Holly teased. Catherine was about to deny this, but the other two girls, Ashley and Leah, had already overheard the conversation.

“Who likes who?” Leah demanded, her voice slightly slurred from all the drinks that she had had earlier.

“The magician dude likes Catherine,” Holly answered matter-of-factly.

“He does not!”

“That’s cool,” Leah commented, looking past the others at Catherine. “Maybe we can go talk to him after the show.”

“What? No!”

But her protest was in vain; her friends were already arranging to go see him after the show. And indeed, they immediately went back stage afterwards, straight to the magician’s dressing room. Catherine found herself dragged, once again, to a place that she didn’t want to go to. Ashley and Holly laughed and teetered as Leah knocked on Maravillo’s door.

It didn’t take him long to answer. The tall man was still clad in his dark robes, his arms crossed as he looked from one face to the next. He uttered one word, his voice pleasing to the ear.


“Well, you see, our friend, she–,” Leah started, nervously brushing back some of her black hair with her fingers. Maravillo smiled warmly and reached out to open the door wider.

“Come in,” he said, and the quartet of young women did exactly that. The dressing room was more lavishly decorated than one would have thought; in fact, it looked like a miniature version of some of the rooms at the Chateau de Versailles. Odd, yes, but then so were his yellow eyes and his soft, silky voice.

Catherine was the only who looked hesitant as he closed the door and glanced over at them, his smile strange. Almost like a cat that had just caught some mice, but she quickly dismissed that thought as being too paranoid.

“Sit down,” he told them, and everyone but Catherine did, her three companions sitting together on the couch. Maravillo leaned against a chair across from them, his peculiar eyes studying each one of the girls.

“So did you ladies like the show?” he asked.

Ashley piped up before anyone else.

“It was great!” Her head lolled a bit, a side effect of her intoxicated state. The magician smirked at her.

“I’m delighted to hear that. So would all of you like to see a new trick?”

The women on the couch eagerly accepted, and he took out an empty velvet bag and, plunging his gloved hand in, withdrew an orb that looked as though it had been crafted from quartz. It began to glow a greenish-yellow as he mumbled a few words, something that sounded like, “Arhez nu kareg.”

He smiled slyly and told them, “This one is my favorite.”

Leah and the rest burst out into giggles at this trick, but Catherine just rolled her eyes. Unfortunately, Maravillo caught her exasperated expression and his face darkened for a few seconds. He looked straight at her, and she felt a slight tingling as the glow began to spread. But she hardly noticed it, for his expression was what captured her attention.

It was so unbelievably fiendish that her heartbeat began to quicken. By then it was too late, for, even as she heard the confused shouts of her friends, the room, the furniture, was growing larger, expanding to monstrous proportions.

No. The room wasn’t changing.

She was shrinking.

Her screams accompanied her as she dwindled down to a mere two inches or so. Catherine stood there, too shocked to move, for several seconds. The woman just looked bewilderingly around at the suddenly cavernous room, at the giant furniture, her mind refusing to accept what had just happened.

Until Maravillo walked past.

At first, Catherine didn’t recognize him as a human. More like a mountain, vast and utterly horrifying, an unstoppable colossus that shook the ground as he strode past, heading for the door. It was at that instant that she realized that she really had been reduced to the size of an insect.

She was too frightened to even whimper as she heard the ominous sound of a key being turned a lock. Then, there was a thunderous laugh as Maravillo tossed the key on a table, his strange eyes watching the three tiny people on the couch with intense interest.


“Oh, fuck,” Ashley whispered, looking around in wonder at her huge surroundings. “I’m more wasted than I thought.”

Leah, who was much more clearheaded than her friend, knew that this was not an effect of the alcohol. But she didn’t say anything, for her attention was on the magician, who was now enormous beyond all belief, like some man-shaped Godzilla. As she watched, she saw his eyes settle on the couch, on them. Grinning, the man headed toward the couch and the women on it.

Like a deer caught in headlights, Leah watched stupidly as he stopped before them. Without further ado, the giant took off his satin robes, carelessly discarding them as he sneered down at the small women. Before them he stood, naked, his mammoth body lightly muscled. It would have turned her on, if he wasn’t so goddamn big.

Even if she wasn’t aroused, he was. His cock was swollen and erect, casting a shadow on the young women below. Leah found that she couldn’t take off the immense thing, a reddish-purple organ that was several times the length of her entire body. It wasn’t until he bent down and closed his fingers around her that she finally ripped her eyes away from the sight.

Before she knew what was happening, he had raised her effortlessly to his face. The sheer size of his features, especially those massive yellow eyes, was horrific. Leah’s howl of terror brought a smile to his lips, and he opened them wide. The sight of his mouth–a yawning, fleshy cavern–was enough to make her nearly pass out. He laughed once, then shoved her in.

She screamed and fought, but to no avail. The gigantic fingers easily pushed her into the mouth. Still, she struggled and weakly flailed against his inner cheeks and roof, frantically trying to escape even as he closed his lips. The light, the last that she would ever see, abruptly disappeared, leaving in hot, moist darkness. Leah quickly fell into a fear-induced frenzy, her shrieks of absolute terror echoing around her.

Maravillo held her in his mouth for awhile, relishing her pitiful screams, before he began to swallow. The tiny woman resisted, of course, trying to find purchase on his slippery flesh. She let out a startled yelp as she was tossed down into his throat, the muscles crushing her from all sides. Helplessly she clawed at the slick sides of the throat, fighting to live. But she was doomed, she realized this at last when he began to chuckle cruelly, a sound that rumbled throughout his body.

God, Leah thought, help me…

But she had already descended into Hell.


Ashley stared, sickened, as the magician nonchalantly popped her friend into his mouth. His gaze was on her as he swallowed, a bulge forming on his throat. Leah…she…she…her mind reeled from the demise of her friend and the gruesome fate that surely awaited her. She was vaguely aware that Holly scrambling down one of the couch legs even as the giant grabbed for her.

There was no way that Ashley could have escaped, even if she had tried to. Despite his size, Maravillo was as quick as lightning, snatching her up in a massive hand. Petrified, she didn’t move a muscle as he raised her up. As his hand moved past his stomach, she was sure that she heard muffled screams. Much to her horror, she realized that Leah wasn’t dead yet…

The brunette didn’t have time to think more about it, for her whole world tilted crazily as he lay down on the couch. He held her in one hand, studying her with undisguised lust. Ashley didn’t dare to move a muscle, hoping that he would put her down, unharmed. Unfortunately for her, that didn’t happen. She was lowered down to his throbbing member and found herself roughly pressed up against the enormous penis. Wildly she thrashed; the magician responded by pushing down on the back of her head, her face crushed up against the warm skin. The tiny woman’s legs continued to kick frantically as he dragged her toward his cockhead, toward the slit that was oozing precum.

It didn’t take long for her mouth and nose to fill up with the clear fluid as he forced her face against the slit. Hissing with pleasure, the magician grinned and looked down at his captive. It was obvious that she was suffocating. She had almost stopped moving, except for an occasional pathetic push at the finger that held her down. He could still feel her hapless friend kicking in his stomach, and, just as Ashley died, he came, his back arching and thighs trembling. To Catherine, who was on the floor beside the couch, his orgasm resembled the eruption of a small volcano. She watched as he regained his composure and glanced about for Holly, who had already climbed down from the couch while he was pleasuring himself.

Catherine could see Holly, her scarlet hair making her stand out against the wooden floor, as the girl ran for her life. Maravillo saw her as well, and he narrowed his eyes. It took him three or four strides to catch up with her and the redhead screeched with fear as he raised one foot over her. But he didn’t bring it down, so she darted to the left. The magician followed, his foot hovering over her, its shadow swallowing her up. Again she zigzagged, and again she found him looming over her. Just as it dawned on Holly that he was merely mocking her, that she had no chance of getting away, he brought his foot down, hard. His wicked laugher drowned out the snapping of her bones, but as he lifted his foot Catherine could see the pulped remains that had once been a person.

Casually, he picked up a handkerchief from one of the tables and began to wipe the blood off his foot. The lone survivor trembled near one of the couch legs. She had to get out of here, but how? Running for the door was not an option, at least not if she wanted to avoid sharing Holly’s grisly fate. Then she recalled the orb, the one that was responsible for all this.

She could see it, sitting atop the table that also held the key to the door. If only she could get to it before he remembered her…

But it was too late. Maravillo tossed the blood stained handkerchief away and called out to her.

“Don’t make me find you, little one. If you come out now, I’ll make sure your death is almost painless.”

Not surprisingly, she didn’t take up the offer.

This clearly irritated him. He bent down and began to search for her, his gold eyes smoldering with frustrated annoyance. Catherine inched toward the table, glad that he hunting for her in the wrong place. She stopped at the base of the table, looked up at it. To her, the piece of furniture of furniture was the size of an office building. How the hell was she supposed to climb it?

Behind her, the giant man growled in anger and knocked over a coat rack, then spilled the contents of a shelf onto the floor. It wouldn’t be long before he found her, and it terrified her just to imagine what he do to her when he did. Catherine looked back at the table and bit her lip. It didn’t seem that she had a choice. She had to climb it and get to that orb.

As she began to work her way up one of the legs, using the decorative grooves as footholds, she was suddenly glad that she was in relatively good shape. All those hours at the gym had finally paid off as she pulled herself up. Slowly, so slowly, the woman moved upwards toward her goal.

Behind her, Maravillo’s irritation had turned into full-blown anger. His handsome face was contorted by it, and his eyes burned as he began to turn over every piece of furniture in his way.

Just as she reached the top, he spotted her. With a triumphant smile, he began to stomp toward her. Catherine did not stop to even look at him as she sprinted for the orb. Somehow, she reached the orb first and placed both hands upon it. Maravillo paused, leered at her.

“Get away from that,” he snapped, his eyes narrowing with obvious uneasiness as she glared at him stubbornly.

She didn’t move.

“Listen, if you step away any from that orb, I won’t kill you. In fact, I think you’re rather lovely. You’d make a wonderful pet.”

Catherine scowled.

“Fuck you, buddy!”

Her eyes moved from him to the orb. Perhaps if she recited the words again, she could undo the spell or whatever he had done. What were the words again? Catherine found that she couldn’t recall them. At least, not all of them. But the colossus was reaching for her, his eyes gleaming with lust and murderous intent. There was no time to hesitate. So, without thinking, her hands on the cool surface of the orb, she blurted out, “Arhez nu kareji!”

They certainly sounded like the right words…

The green glow enveloped her once more, filling the whole room with supernatural light. As soon as the glow faded, she blinked a few times and looked around, relieved to see that the furniture, including the table that she now sat on, was back to being a normal size. She quickly noticed, though, that something was wrong. Moonlight was streaming in through a gaping hole in the ceiling and, just as she looked up, a tremendous shadow fell over her.

It was Maravillo, who now stood at least twenty stories tall, his face twisted with malice. The realization of what happened hit her with the force of a speeding tractor trailer: she had messed up the spell, and, although she had grown, he had, too. And now he glowered at her, his hand swooping down to lift her up high above the building.

“I told you to keep away from that orb,” he snarled, then his grip began to tighten. “Ready for the grand finale, my dear?”

Catherine didn’t answer; she couldn’t. He had begun to squeeze, and she could feel her ribs snapping, her vertebrae painfully compressing. Stars began to dance before her eyes and then, like the lights on a stage all being turned off at once, everything went black.