Season Finale (Guest Story by Theophilous Bolt)

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An evil giant in a dystopian reality show sadistically kills convicts for a very special episode (guest story by Theophilous Bolt). Warning: for mature readers only.

The Show

“Hi. I’m Raum. For three seasons, whatever those are, you’ve watched me deliver justice. For our very special season finale, we’re going live, with viewer requests, question and answer segments, and dedications! You’ve seen me mete out Justice, now you get to meet… Me!”

A title flashes upon the screen, with a cheery, animated holiday logo – “EXTERMINATION! A Very Special New Year’s: Getting to Know Raum!”

“This is our first special letter, sent through the actual mail! The kids in Production reproduced it in my size, and though there was some confusion in the Control Booth before the show as to whether or not I can read, clearly, I can. Charlotte, of Clearwater, Florida wants to know! ‘Raum, have you had any crushes?’ ”

“Well, Charlotte, dear: yes. Yes, I have. Many.”

The Control Booth

“AND cue Yakety Sax soundtrack! We have the roll ready? Play… wait… now. OK!” yelled Darlene the Director. She had a segment pre-edited for this moment, showing Raum smashing very attractive tiny women and men into red smears.

The Show

Raum watches all of this on a nearby Jumbotron, chuckling delightedly, and then swings his head back around to the camera, “Hi, Charlotte, now I know where you liiiiiiivrrrrreerrreeeeeerrrrrr… GOD DAMN IT, stop shocking me! That was innocent! Ish! Innocentish! OK. Next question.”

“This is from Dean in Utica: ‘Dear Raum, biggest fan…’ doubt that, you don’t know how fat they gerrrrrtzzzz STOP SHOCKING ME. Bill! Knock it off, serious. Yes, I know who you are with that shock button. Knock it off. OK. A fan who isn’t as big as he thinks, in a good way, asks: ‘What does justice mean to you?’ ”

“Well, Dean, for me, it means never-ending rape pleasszzzzzzuuurrrzzzeeee… DAMMIT Bill, stop that! If I can’t be honest, why the f*bleep*k am I here… oh. Yeah. Here we go: Ahem.”

“Ono Sendai: Smartphones for Today, Smartphones for Tomorrow. Ono Sendai is very proud to sponsor EXTERMINATION! A Very Special New Year’s: Getting to Know Raum! That’s me. What the shit is a Smartphone? GZZZZZZ stoppit. Bill? I know you’re in there, with that little button… don’t do that again.”

The Control Booth

“OK! Are the Salts in place? The salted convicts, are they where we want them, all buildings?” demanded Darlene.

“All Salts in place, armed Trustees keeping them there, all buildings!” replied an associate producer.

“Great! Building 1A cams, wake up, here we go! Transition on my go!” Darlene shouted.

The Show

“This is a long distance dedication from Terry in Seattle: ‘Raum, I am a college student on the west coast, but my fiancée is in Cleveland. Could you spell out her name on your chest with the blood of the convicted, so she knows I really love her? She’s way into your chest, and Raum didn’t make that last bit up at alllZZZZZZZT…’ Bill. When this is over, you and I will have a discussion.”

“Terry, never have words moved me so deeply, so here you go… your fiancée’s name in blood, on my chest, sponsored by Oh No Send Me a Shit Phone gggggggzzzzzzt. Bill? Yeah. I know you got daughters, and I know where they go to college. Stop. It. Terry? This one’s for your girl… watch!”

The Control Booth

“How the hell should I know how he knows where they go to college? Does ANYONE know how he knows where they go to college? Show of hands? Oh, of course. Nikki the intern would know. How does Raum know?”

“Christmas card list. It goes out every year, so the Broadcast Corporation knows where to send the annual Holiday Card and Gift,” said Nikki.

“So… Raum does know Bill has daughters, and he does know where they go to school?”

“He’s on the mailing list.”

“Sooo… Raum has email.”


“Who the hell gave Raum email? Why?”

The Show

“…KENZ… ran out again! This will be the third convict, Terry!”

Raum’s massive fist smashes into the skyscraper from an unexpected vector, and his long, piano-player’s fingers snag a screaming woman by one foot…

The Control Booth

“Great footage, stellar, now SWITCH to external camera 1A42! Keep on her, keep on her! Oh! Yes! He’s pulled her head off… and flicked it! Do not follow head. All cameras follow spurting neck. Zoom in, zoom in, too far! Back out so we can see! Frame it, frame it… I… E… oh! He’s drawing a heart about his nipple with the leftover blood! Gold, absolute gold. What did he just say? I hate live shows. Bill, push the button. Twice. Three times. I know he’s angry. Again. OK. Drop to commercial.”

The Show

Raum narrates, “Dr. Okamura conceived of a perfect human, an exemplar of human physical potential. When The Party asked, he delivered. An artificial human of immense size and intelligence and beauty, don’t even think of it, Bill, put to productive purpose in service of The State. Let’s go now, to this genius’ desk, as he observes me, Raum, working my will in all our interest…”

A pudgy and desperate Japanese man who looked older than he really should have was screaming into his desk phone, far less comfortable in English than the conversant on the other end of the call, even as the camera alights upon him: “You go stay with Granma! He does not have her address, I am sure! Go now, do not pack! Go see Granma! Run! I love you… oh! Hello! Hello, audience! Umm. I am Doctor Okamura! Raum, I do love as my creation!

“I wanted perfect being, I get… Raum. Ahhh… Happy New Year!” He waved a victory “V” and smiled insincerely.

Raum breaks in over the production intercom, “Doc?”

“Yes, son?”

“Don’t call me that. Creepshow. Well, just wanted you to know: both your mom and your wife’s mom are on the Christmas card list!”


“Happy New Year, Doc!” said Raum with a wave.

The Show

“Shelly in Madison writes: ‘Dear Raum – Have any of the convicts ever told you they were sorry for what they’ve done?’ ” Raum pretended to read from a sheet of paper the size of a tall-ship’s sail. It actually was a bunch of bullshit beginning with “Lorem Ipsum” – little shits upstairs didn’t think he was programmed to read. Puny fuckers didn’t even realize he had menaced one of his interns into hooking him up with email… a Raspberry Pi hooked into a LCD billboard with a camera for gesture control. He had Shelly in Madison’s missive narrated into his audio nerve from the Control Booth, and he parroted it, word for word. He had other mischief in mind, he so dearly loved live broadcasts.

“Well, Shelly, let’s find out!” said Raum with evil enthusiasm. He pushed his palms together, as if in prayer, and then plunged his hands into a nearby building, ripping it asunder as he spread his hands apart, the cameras focussing on his massive shoulders, back and arms as they flexed and heaved, shredding the facade and floors asunder. With preterhuman reflexes, he caught one of the inhabitants as he fell, safely enclosing him in softly gloved fingers, brought to you by ISOTONER LEATHER GLOVES FOR HIM! Sensitive enough to pick up a dime – or a dame! Isotoner will donate one thousand dollars for every female convict crushed by Raum’s hands this holiday season! Ho! Ho! Ho!

“Hey, wow, I really can feel you squirm through these ISOTONER LEATHER GLOVES FOR ME! GGGGGGLLZZT… it was close enough, Bill, and you know it. Good thing I had these Isotoner Gloves on, or Bill would have killed this convict with all that current. Tell the folks at home your name, kid,” said Raum.

“Juhjuhjuhjuhjim,” said Jim.

“Well, Jujufruit, what did you do?” asked Raum.

“I marched in an unofficial protest parade,” replied Jim.

“What, with a baton and cheerleader in hotpantzzzzzzgggzzz… Bill. Ok. Well, Shelly out in Seattle or somewhere wants to know if marching in that parade was worth it?” said Raum.

“Yes?” replied Jim.

“A man of conviction. I can’t respect that. Die.” said Raum as he crushed his captive abruptly.

The Booth

“Perfect. Absolutely picture perfect. We have the blood dripping from the bottom of the gloved fist? Overlay Isotoner logo. Replay from the top… he screams… he screams… blood vomits up, good, keep it there… and we have stomach and entrails out the mouth. Cut to commercial! Fantastic! Good job all around.”

The Show

“Well, Shelly, not all of our convicts feel that way. Tell the folks at home what you did, dear,” said Raum to the tiny woman kneeling in his gloved palm, praying, perhaps to him.

“I… I kited a check. I needed to, to buy food for my…” she was cut off by the giant.

“Are you sorry for what you did?” he demanded.

“Yes, Raum. I know stealing… is kiting a check stealing? I know it’s wrong, now, and I’m sorry, I just want to see my kids again,” she sobbed. Fingers the length of telephone poles and the thickness of oil barrels curled and closed around a begging, pleading, crying woman, and clenched. The pleading became squeals that transitioned to screams that transitioned to wet crunching noises transitioned to an info-graphic showing another thousand dollars donated by Isotoner Leather Gloves for Him. What it was donated to wasn’t said.

The Booth

“Countdown!” demanded Darlene.

“Ten minutes ‘till! On the button!” shouted back Nikki the intern.

“Non-essentials, pack up and clear out. Bill, that does NOT mean you. We have three more commercial breaks, you’re on deck to control him. Oh, fuck, here comes our Moment. Smile and wave, kids…”

The Show

“Every season, we have a staff of hard working folks who bring me, Raum, and the justice you crave, into your living room. These professional men and women are the real heroes of this show, so let’s say hi!

“That’s Darlene, the director for today… and there’s Nikki the intern, soon to be Nikki the Showrunner, that girl’s got talent and, wheeeere’s Bill… there’s Bill’s desk… oh, look! There’s Bill!” a trembling hand rising up from beneath the desk to hover over a large, red button, “Wave hi, Bill.”

The seemingly disembodied hand raised to wave…

“You know I’m going to feed your little girls into my cock-hole head-first, right, Bill? Oh, you shouldn’t have waved, you little fuuuxxxxxxzzzzrrr… DAMN that hurt. Worth it.”

The Booth

“How many times have we had to shock him tonight?” asked Darlene.

“Twenty eight,” replied Nikki the intern, which was good, as Bill had long since lost count.

“How many times do we usually need to shock him per episode?” asked Darlene.

“Two, maybe three times, usually to get him to do the endorsements,” replied Nikki, and Bill nodded.

“These Isotoner Gloves for Him really keep my hands warm, and boy, do they look attractive!” said Raum, gesturing at his own hands.

“He’s fucking with us. More than usual. Why?” asked Darlene.

“If I had to guess… Claire,” said Nikki.

“That crazy-ass crimelord, The Queen. Hmm. I can see how he’d still be angry…” said Darlene.

“No, I think he believes he can go after us and get us, the way he went after her,” said Nikki watching intently as he willingly gave his next scheduled endorsement.

The Show

“Sarah in Eureka asks: ‘If you met a woman your own size, what would happen?’

“Wow, Sarah, that’s a poser! As guys tend to be stronger than women, I’d try to wrestle her to the ground, and do my best to step on her neck. Executing someone that big would be tough for sure!”

The Booth

“Where the hell were we going with that? Anyone? Christ. OK, product placement up next.”

The Show

“Girls, I usually don’t go out to the clubs, as I’d crush them all flat, but if I did, I’d be wearing these… New Rock by Gucci Men’s boots. Do you like combat boots with tight laces? Of course you do. Like buckles bringing the leather closer to your man’s hard-won gym calves? You get both with these, and they go clear up to the knee! Get him a pair, and let your freak flag fly!

“I have to say, these are way better than the fucking Uggs they made me wear last yeaaarrrzzzzzzzzgt…”

“Bill, I was just going to say, New Rock by Gucci! Worn by the Better Man! For every guy I crush beneath them, New Rock and Gucci both pledge ten dollars each to Charity.

“But Raum, Isotoner pledged a grand per woman, you say!”

“Well, kids,” Raum looked straight into the camera, “It’s New Year’s Eve. You know what that means.”

The camera slowly pans down one boot, to show a man trapped under the heel, bellowing and pounding against the tall, stacked Vibram sole, and he starts to scream as it slowly descends, mashing the little person into hamburger beneath the cruelly lugged bootheel. Blood erupts from him, the eyesockets, nostrils, his gaping mouth, and then a squirming, slithering worm that is his upper intestine forcing itself from a pressure-rent in his side…

An infographic appeared on the screen… “+$20! Courtesy New Rock and Gucci! Happy New Year!”

“I give, because I’m good,” said Raum with a wink as he mashed a man underboot, “You could say… I’m the better man, in these New Rock by Gucci boots!”

The Booth

“Perfect. That was perfect, cameras, sound, the giant, everything,” said Darlene.

“What did we do wrong?” asked Bill, scared.

“We should skip the question after next,” said Nikki.

“We can’t, Lucas would fire us,” replied Darlene.

“Lucas is the show runner. I’m new and stuff, but I remember him from the booth shot from last year. Where’s he now?” asked Nikki.

“Queue the next question,” said Darlene. It was the second to last one she’d have her crew ask.

The Show

“This next question is from Erica in Abilene. She asks… ‘Raum, do you like animals?’
“Well, Erica, I find dogs funny… they gave me a dog at one point, but don’t believe the hype, they taste nothing like chicken. Gzzzrtdammmit, Bill, I’m just being straight with the woman… oh yeah. Public service announcement! We got to do two of these per show.”

Raum’s hand snuck out and struck out as swift as a cobra, bashing through a glass facade to snatch up a tiny man. He casually peeled the squirming, screaming human from its clothing, before catching it in a living bondage-rack, its wrists between the thumb and forefinger of His left hand, the ankles between His pinky and ring finger, the leather of the glove perversely warm and soft against the victim’s back…

With preterhuman dexterity, Raum lifted the cock and balls of his newest plaything with the very tip of his thumb… and then pinched with his forefinger-tip. He smashed the organs into red ruin even as he pulled, ripping the sex of his plaything from its body with a flourish.

“Remember to spay or neuter your pets, kids! Let me show you how to spay someone nexxxxxggxxxt… Bill. Serious. Bill? Serious. Stop.”

The Show

“Ellis in Harrisburg asks, ‘What did you do to the Queen?’ Hey, I actually read that out loud. Shit. Umm. My eyes don’t seem to work,” said Raum as he wiped away a tear with his Isotoner for Him gloved thumb.

“Well, Ellis, you are a puny puke who deserves her spike heel through your throat. When I was running her to ground? Peeling away all of her layers and defenses, hunting her… best time of my life. Makes me want to drown you in my cum when I think about what I did to her…”

The Booth

“Bill! BILL! For fuck’s sake where is Bill?” demanded Darlene.

“Bathroom. I think he’s being sick…” replied Nikki.

“Bill! We need to shock him! I’ve never seen him this pissed off!”

“Then hit the button!” said Bill between heaves.

“What? You’re the expert! What button where?”


“The one that says ‘Shock the Giant’?”


“It’s not hooked up to anything…”


“Chill pill, dude.”

“No, Nikki – he’s got a point. The barriers are down, just for tonight. We have to be careful.”

“I’m pushing it. I don’t think it’s working.”

The Show

“Dana in Night Vale asks:
“ ‘How can I get into show business? Also, how do you feel about your co-workers?’ ”

“Hey, I recognize that name from Youtube! Love your puggle videos! Looking forward to seeing them play at the dog park! Well, Dana, to answer your first question, you can volunteer as an intern at a community radio station or on a public access cable channel. It’s a great way to get experience and build contacts in the industry. Also, in answer to your second, I hate all of my co-workers, and would kill them at the first opportunity in a way at once gratifying for me, sexually, and painful for them, lethally. Like this!”

The Reality

“I’m ambitious. That’s why I’m dead. What did you do to Lucas to deserve this, bitch?” asked Nikki as she watched Raum stride towards the control booth. She knew the button would do nothing now.

“Slept with him to get the job, and made him keep sleeping with me to keep his. He’s getting married,” replied Darlene as Raum walked through perimeter security like it didn’t exist… tonight, it didn’t.

“Well, here we go. He’s lost the shorts,” said Nikki regarding an erection the size of a city bus approaching the windows of the control booth in what was once an airport control tower.

“Kept on the boots and gloves, though… sponsors will go wild for that.”

The window exploded inward as the women screamed and scrambled to avoid wind up being crushed beneath a cock the size of a Greyhound Bus. Darlene failed.


“I can feeeel you, bitch, your legs are twisted and broken, but I can feel your tits on my cock. I’ve got what, quintuple the nerve-endings-per-inch of a human? My pleasure sensors are how much larger? Lick once for Nikki, twice for… Darlene! Darling! How was I? You like the modeling for the sponsors? Lick once for yes. That was an order, not a question. Nice, I felt that. Kinda into this hand and feet clothing stuff, now that I’m used to it. Looks cool. So. Was Bill in there with you? This is a question… yes again! Oh, good. When I press down on my cock-head to smash you flat under my dick, that’s another thousand dollars the politicians in The Party gets from Isotoner! Here we go…. die!”

The Reality

“Bill’s not here, is he?” asked Raum sadly.

“He was in the bathroom!” replied Nikki.

“Well, now he’s not. Say! Would you like to see Darlene?”

Nikki bit her plush lower-lip softly, pretty blue eyes flicking up to meet Raum’s gaze, excited to see her older rival smeared flat on an immense male member, “Maybe?”

The Other Booth

“10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5…”

This was the most popular televised event in the history of television. Everyone was tuned in to watch what happened to Gehenna after midnight… no censors, just live feeds, all night long.

“4… 3… “

“OK, folks! We’re running the show from here! Great footage in the Control Tower, by the way!” said Lucas striding through the Secondary Control, far away from Gehenna itself.

“No, we’re not. We’re not in control. Primary is still Control Tower. They’re… wireless, but still have the feed to the cameramen and the Trustees. We can’t override from here unless the deadman switches,” the sensors implanted in the crew to indicate they’d died, “go off, and they haven’t, not all…”

“So, who’s running the show?”

The Show

“You guys, it’s New Year’s Eve! They’ve dropped scrambling! I have signal! This floor… get off this floor! Go down! Go down!” screamed a convict into the twentieth floor of the office building, “Raum’s coming here, to this building, but the cameras are all on this floor! Go down to fifteen! It’s safe!”


“You guys, it’s New Year’s Eve! They’ve dropped scrambling! I have signal! This floor… get off this floor! Go up! Go up!” screamed a convict into the tenth floor of the office building, “Raum’s coming here, to this building, but the cameras are all on this floor! Go up to fifteen! It’s safe!”

The New Control Booth

“This is Rockblock Tower, where, throughout the year, we’ve told our population of prisoners through our secret system of Trustees that a large number of Reprieve Token holders live. As a result, it’s one of the most inhabited buildings in all of Gehenna!”

“We, of course, lied. Rockblock 15, cameras A through J, show us what you got,” said Nikki, tucked into the top of one New Rock by Gucci “Big Man” boot, hanging onto her Ono-Sendai slab computer for dear life. The cameras showed a sparsely decorated nightclub, packed entirely with people, wall to wall, with only a few structural beams and elevator shafts to interrupt. This was Gehenna… there were no safety codes.

“This is the big year-end party. Everyone here thinks they’re safe, mostly guys, but at least a third of them women, all convicts, dancing the night away!” No one is dancing, they’re packed too tightly, and terrified out of their mind. Raum is coming! But not to this floor…


Lucille knows Geraldine is a secret Trustee, but doesn’t mind. Geraldine is her best friend, and the two of them ate well all year, and had medicine when they needed it, and knew the buildings not to be in when He came by. Lots of people did what Geraldine said, as she was nice and friendly and people liked doing what she suggested, and they were all squished and eaten, except for Lucille. Geraldine was sweet on her, and that was OK. She told her to be here before midnight to escape, so here she was… lots of other people in on the secret, she couldn’t hardly move, there were so many people on this floor! Packed in like sardines!

The Show

Geraldine stood atop Rockblock Tower, and waved her lighter over her head. The giant appeared before her abruptly, but she was used to it now.

“Hey, it’s you! I’ve worked with you before, you do fantastic work!” said Raum. Geraldine smiled, and screamed and tried to run as immense, black-gloved fingertips caught her effortlessly, “This next bit will really make you famous, though.”


Lucille was jostled about until she was pressed right up against a big window, and laughed! “Geraldine! You’re on the wrong side of the window? How’d you even do that?” Geraldine screamed in fright as she levitated, until she was halfway up the twenty-foot-tall windows of the fifteenth floor of Rockblock Tower.

“Geraldine! You flyin’!” said Lucille, clapping. She had been convicted of Vagrancy after being released from the group home. The judge said she was too pretty to go back, no matter how dumb, so here she was, and her friend was flyyyyyying!

The New Control

“Exterior cameras ready? Floodlights on… now,” said Nikki, selecting the best camera angle from her slab to show off an immense penis pressing a screaming woman to a two-story-tall plate-glass window.  When the lights came on, Raum knew his part, and that it was time to play it. He loved the way the Trustee squirmed in the nook of his cock-hole as he smashed her into the glass.


Lucille looked up, concerned, as her only friend was screaming and pounding against the glass and there! Lights outside came on! There was a guy’s… thing… pressing Geraldine to the glass! Shouts and screams erupted all around her. Lucille began to cry as Geraldine’s guts and blood began to shoot out of her body to drip down the glass, her struggles weakening and then ceasing as the glass began to crack and craze. She was one of the first to die as Raum thrust.

The New Control

“And lights! We have the Trustee crush? Fantastic. Here we go! 3! 2! 1!” cried Nikki.

Raum fucked the building. It was slow and sensuous at first, teasing with the woman at the apex of his sex, his preterhuman dexterity and sensitivity smashing her by screaming inches against the mirrorglass facade, before punching through with a thrust of his hips, his huge fingers grasping and pulling the structure to him even as he invaded it with his immense sex. He was rewarded by the sensation of the woman smashing, then the glass shattering, and then dozens and then hundreds shrieking and dying as he rolled them beneath his monstrous cock with each thrust. One unlucky soul was stuck to the apex of his glans as he thrust and thrust and thrust to reach the elevator shafts, and he took delight in doing his best to smash the puny human against their concrete.


Lucille cowered as safetyglass crazed, then shattered in sharp pebbles which rained upon the screaming throng. She couldn’t move, people were packed so tight, so she was first against the bloody cock-tip, and she felt the others crunch and squish through his erect flesh. Lucille screamed as loud as she believed she could as he withdrew and thrust and withdrew and thrust, killing hundreds upon hundreds of people…

The Show

Raum snarled with pure carnal desire as he fucked a building, right at a floor filled with people ready to be smashed and smeared to oblivion by his questing cock, driven ever deeper by his taut ass and narrow, thrusting hips. He didn’t care the game was rigged his way, he actually much preferred it this way. Screwing over the gullible was his idea of fun, especially when it felt this good as he felt dozens, and then hundreds die, smashed against his raging manhood. There was a woman, and he knew it was a woman by her big, natural tits, clinging to the tip of his cock-head, and he wanted to kill her. He had to have smashed, what, almost a thousand men and three hundred women trying to get his cock all the way to the elevator shafts.

“Raum, hangon. Do this instead,” said Nikki from his boot-top. He liked her better than Darlene as a director, and it pissed Lucas right the hell off. Also, she had ideas like this…


Other windows were breaking, Lucille recognized that from where she was, clinging to the cock-head soaked with the blood and viscera of her only friend in the world… and she knew, from feeling the immense cock as it thrust and killed beneath her, he was stepping sideways. She knew there were no stairs in this building, only elevators. He was angling, then, to kill more people under his cock. And so he did, withdrawing to let hapless revelers to fall and tumble into the void He had left, only to return, smashing and bashing his way among them with his cock. He thrust and thrust his way into the crowd, and she began to cry, as she knew no-one here would escape.

She was only truly frightened when she felt the barest brush of the concrete elevator shaft to her back. His next thrust would smear her thin upon it.

And so it did, and he snarled and laughed cruelly when he felt it come to pass.

The New Control

“Get this, get my perspective!” demanded Nikki from her perch at the top edge of his overtly sexual boot at his knee, holding up her slab so the pitiful masses could see the giant slamming his perfect pelvis into Rockblock Tower in glorious realtime. His hips moved with a slinky, seductive grace, his power move, thrusting in, almost playful, even when you remembered he was doing it to kill and crush as many convicts as he could. Stringy, bloody gobbets of gore hanging from his cock as he withdrew and thrust in anew, until no one was left alive. Happy New Year.


Amplified bullhorns sounded in Alex’s room, “RAUM IS COMING! RUN! RUN! RAUM IS COMING! FLEE! FLEE! RAUM IS…”

Alex didn’t need to be told twice, slipped on the new sneaks, ran down the stairs, and into the boulevard, only to be sucked up into the throngs of people already on the street. He was jostled and shoved and he shouted and cursed, and discovered he was shouted at and cursed in kind. He knew then he was dead, he looked over his shoulder, all but dislocating his neck as he looked up and back, only to be met with the sight of someone he knew in the lugged tread of the New Rock by Gucci bootsole, he was half dead, and wedged in between lugs, and Alex shrieked as his friend came down to meet him, screaming for Alex to get out of the way… and then they were both crushed to death, together.

The Show

The first stomp was awesome, he didn’t expect it to feel as good as it did underneath his boot, the tiny people forced out into the street by Nikki and her great computer, getting the “Trustees,” people he had been button-shocked into ignoring all year, who lied and schemed into getting this living carpet of people out underneath his New Rock by Gucci boots, and he could feel them all smushing! Just, step on them feel them flatten and die! There’s some sensorium biotech going on here, but he didn’t care! Stomp! Squish! Screaming and pleading! Step down, slowly, grrrrrrind, lift the foot, still alive, step down and grind harder, NOW they’re all dead! Stride forward, and the shadow of his other boot hovered over his new victims, by the dozens…


Terrence was a Trustee, and his whole department had achieved at the highest level all season. He had been convicted of armed larceny, and transferred into Gehenna at the third year of his fifteen year sentence, on good behavior. He did what the Control Booth asked of him, did it well, and he would be rewarded with a helicopter ride out on New Year’s, before they wiped it all away to start over in March.

He ran up the stairs, two at a time, eager to hop into that chopper, and never see another giant kill anyone for anything ever again. He was innocent to begin with, but too good of a guy to rat out his cousin, and by being a good guy, an establishment guy, he’d be ‘coptered out a free man, after only three years in.

The New Control

“Cameras T-86 through T-90, pan around, get them all on the rooftop,” said Nikki, tucked into a boot-top, regarding her tablet.

“Hey, Nikki. Buncha guys on that rooftop, there,” said Raum.

“I know. They’re all Trustees. They made sure you had people to kill all year readily at hand,” replied Nikki.

“You mean, they forced people out where I could find them?” replied Raum with reverential respect.

“Yes. They always made sure you had a supply of oh… hell, go ahead, then. Not like we didn’t program you to eat people when you’re hungry or shit. Next season will be amazing when the Trustees know that you’ll… eat… them… wow, that’s kinda cool. Fuck next season!”


Terrence laughed and shook hands, men and women he’d known all season surrounded him on the rooftop as they waited for the chopper, and they were all thrilled to watch the giant do his thing. Right down the street, they saw the giant as he strode toward them, focusing mostly upon where his booted feet trod, sneering and smiling as he smashed and crushed knots of convicts beneath them. The Trustees cheered him on, laughing and pointing, right up until he was level with the rooftop of the high-rise Terrence and his colleagues were celebrating and waiting for their chopper upon. Some of them raised up smuggled cameras, the flash limning his perfect male form with their sharp, blue light. He smiled, posed, and then reached down to grab up a handful of them.

Terrence screamed as he watched a woman he had just high-fived lifted into the air as part of a clutched handful of people in the giant’s leather-clad fist… up and up and up, past his perfectly defined six-pack, his immense pecs, his powerful neck, to be hovered above his lantern-jaw, opened wide… and then he let go, letting the people in his grasp rain into his gaping maw, to smash into his perfect pearl teeth, to land softly upon his full, pink tongue, to simply scream down into his gullet… Terrence wept as they were all eaten.

The New Control

“Great! Fantastic! This a golden spot, great light, better camera coverage… do one more, would you?” asked Nikki.

“Just one?” asked Raum, regarding the rooftop full of quislings. He didn’t care they were collaborators, he only cared that they were small, and he was hungry. Well, he wasn’t hungry… his body was never hungry. He just liked eating people. He felt a satisfaction feeling them slide down his gullet and into his belly, and he laughed as they screamed and squirmed as they were digested alive.

The Show

“How about this one?” asked the giant, pointing down right at Terrence, “He looks good.”

Terrence shrieked and cringed, “I’ve done all you’ve asked… no! No! No!”

Terrence tried to run, then tried to fight, and then begged as the thumb and forefinger of Isotoner for Him gloves caught him gently about the middle. It was like punching telephone poles wrapped in leather, and his knuckles bled.

“I got one more thing to ask then,” smiled the giant as he raised Terrence high, high above his head…

“Please, please, Raum, anything, ask me anything and I’ll do it…” begged the Trustee.

“Scream all the way down, avoid my teeth, and squirm a whole lot once you’re in my belly. I like that,” said Raum as he let go.

Terrence dutifully shrieked as he fell story after story through thin air. He landed upon a slimy, soft slope, and it didn’t save him a broken collarbone and half-crushed ribcage. He shrieked in raw animal agony, and again louder as the soft, slimy tongue undulated beneath him and sent him into the dark, squeezing abyss of the giant’s gullet. The audible “gulp” of Raum went through his puny body as he was swallowed alive.
Terrence thrashed and squirmed and did his damnedest to claw his way back up, even as he felt the acid stinging and then burning his body… he died screaming Raum’s name. Raum was too busy tormenting another Trustee to care.


One building after another fell, toppled as the giant willed, wandering through Gehenna. Each one represented a significant population of convicts… those smart enough to flee the high-rises were caught in the streets to be trampled beneath his sponsored footwear.

The sky shaded to violet and then a soft lavender as the first sun of the new year threatened to break the horizon. Raum concentrated on the blood and bile erupting beneath his boot, crushing a throng of convicts as he shoved over the last two high-rises in town, the hover-cams focusing on his broad, muscled back as he toppled them.

Now there was nothing left inside the walls, aside from rubble and gore.

“Great job, Raum! End of show! Set me down over there,” Nikki pointed to the parking lot beyond the walls of Gehenna.

Raum delicately extracted her from his boot-top, and lowered her right over her car in the parking-lot beyond the walls…

“Raum, stand straight up, let the cameras see her,” said Lucas.

Raum smiled wickedly. Normally, he’d fight this, but…

“Let me down! That’s my car! Why are you standing up?” demanded Nikki.

“Because you’re ambitious. Would you like to see what’s become of Darlene?” asked Raum again, raging silently at Lucas, his will no longer his own.

“Nnnno… no?” said Nikki, suddenly terrified.

“Too bad. Die,” said Raum as he crushed her against his erection, not even bothering to lower her inside his leather shorts. The giant came as he smashed her against his shaft, orgasming mightily, dully edited out by the network. Lucas frowned. He hadn’t ordered that… oh, well. The bio-monster-geeks would sort it out during Hibernation… the next season was only three months away!

One Year Later, The Show

“Bill here was convicted of driving, while drunk! Tell them at home what happened, Bill,” said Raum.

“I was framed!” shouted Bill, “They blamed all of last year’s clusterfuck on me!”

“And so it was all your fault, Bill. Here comes my… ah, what’s that you got, Bill?”

“MY BUTTON! Still wired in, bitch!”

“That… that’s a year old. Did you test the batteries? I bet you didn’t,” said Raum as he lifted a foot above his former tormentor, now turned victim.

“YUP!” said Bill, and Raum jerked and heaved and cursed, and when he came to, Bill was gone. With the button.

“Well, then,” said Raum unsteadily.