Midsummer Night

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A woman is captured on her wedding night by aliens. Warning: for mature readers only.

“Nick’s always had great taste,” Peter said, raising his champagne flute into the air. Candlelight twinkled in the glass as he continued, “Unlike me. I mean, I’m lucky if I buy a shirt that actually fits.” There was polite laughter from some of the tables. “But even I know how wonderful a woman Charlotte is.”

Charlotte smiled, the warm summer breeze stirring her veil; beside her, Nick was watching the best man as he gave his speech. At that moment, everything was completely perfect: the violet sky over the vineyard, the musicians in their tuxedos, even the centerpieces on each table. This was the wedding that Charlotte had dreamed about, and as Peter finished with his speech, she reached over to take her husband’s hand.

But just before their fingers touched, there was a brilliant flash of white and a loud sizzling sound. Her head whipped backwards and she blinked rapidly, blinded; then, as her vision slowly cleared, she saw that most of Nick’s face was gone. There was a gaping hole where his eyes and nose and mouth should have been, and the surrounding flesh was ragged and blackened, smoke slowly curling upwards in gruesome tendrils.

Gasping, she tried to rise, but her heavy wedding dress slowed her down. She knocked over a glass of wine, burgundy liquid splattering across the tablecloth, and as she looked up, she saw the figures approaching. They were clad in gleaming golden armor, their features hidden beneath faceshields that sparkled like opal. Charlotte trembled uncontrollably as they came toward her, slaughtering anyone who stood in their way.

“Oh God, please, no,” she moaned, praying that this was just a terrible nightmare. But even as Nick’s murderer paused before her table and raised its strange weapon, she knew that it was hopeless.

They had finally found her.


They called themselves the Sisao; humans called them Fay, because of their resemblance to the creatures from legend. Two decades ago, they had appeared in their beautiful golden ships, and within a matter of a few months, they had conquered humanity. Not only was their technology superior, but the Fay were ruthless in a way that mankind could never hope to be. Entire cities were now gone, reduced to nothing more than ash and rubble.

But there was some resistance, secret groups of people who fought back. Charlotte was one of them…or at least she had been, until the Fay had shown up at her wedding reception with their guns blazing. Now she was a prisoner, and as she sat in a dingy jail cell, still dressed in the remains of her bridal gown, she contemplated her future. Or rather, her lack of future. She had no doubt that the Fay would kill her, and her death would most likely be painful and awful.

Charlotte was picking at one of the crystal beads on the bodice of her dress, trying not to recall what had happened to Nick, when the cell door swung open. Three armored Fay strode through, followed by a huge female. She was enormous, easily eight feet tall, and she had to duck her head as she passed over the threshold. From what Charlotte knew about Fay culture, their social status was reflected in their physical size and power. Soldiers and workers were the same size as humans, but if rumors were to be believed, some of the Fay leaders were truly massive.

Despite her best attempts to put on a brave face, Charlotte still shivered as the Fay woman strolled up to her. It was impossible not to be intimidated by the aliens, with their otherworldly beauty and inhuman attitudes. This Fay wasn’t wearing a faceshield, and so Charlotte could see her large, expressive eyes, the sculpted angles of her cheekbones, her plush lips. Her hair was a color not found on Earth, a shimmering silvery-violet, and it was cut in long, sharp spikes. She glanced down at Charlotte, tilting her head; several hoop earrings flashed on her pointed ears.

“Stand up, human,” the Fay ordered in accented English, and Charlotte reluctantly rose. Her captor reached out and seized her chin, her gloved fingertips digging into Charlotte’s flesh. Charlotte tried not to flinch as the amazonian woman studied her and said, “I am Lady Ateinia, and you will address me as such.”

Numbly, Charlotte nodded.

The Fay scowled down at her. “If it were my choice, you would be dead at my feet. But the Lord has requested to see you, and I cannot disobey him.”

She snapped her fingers, gestured toward Charlotte. One of the armored Fay dashed forward with shackles, the black metal glinting in the dim light. Lady Ateinia continued to glare as Charlotte held out her hands. The shackles felt cold against her wrists, but she didn’t protest as the guard put them on her. Even when he yanked hard, leading her like a dog, she obeyed. What else could she do? If she made a wrong move, she knew that Lady Ateinia would shoot her. The image of Nick’s ruined head, smoke rising from the charred flesh, made her shudder.

They led her down a long hallway, the walls covered with elegantly-flowing patterns. Charlotte assumed that these patterns were Fay writing, but she could neither read nor speak their language. She had heard the beings speak on occasion, and their tongue was musical and lovely. Like the voices of angels, she imagined.

One of the armored guards shoved Charlotte through another doorway, and she tripped over her long dress. She fell to the floor, pain shooting up the length of her arm as her elbow connected with the marble. Gritting her teeth, she stood back up and slowly swept her eyes over her surroundings. Where was she, a stadium? The room was colossal, stretching out so far that she could barely see the distant walls. Torches and candles provided the only light, and as Charlotte gradually became accustomed to the darkness, she saw them…and him.

There were dozens of human women, all of them silent, their eyes cast downwards. They looked like the priestesses of some primordial god, their bodies clothed in diaphanous dresses. Seated amongst them was the biggest Fay that Charlotte had ever seen, a colossal creature that defied all belief. It was difficult to judge, but he had to be several hundred feet tall. His sheer size was terrifying, and Charlotte instinctively took a step backwards, away from the giant.

The guard barked something at her in the Fay language and then prodded her in the lower back. Hesitantly, Charlotte stepped toward the colossus. She was horribly aware that he was watching her with gigantic eyes, the orange irises ringed in red. Even though he was incomprehensibly huge, he was still as attractive as any other Fay, dressed in a formfitting black bodysuit that contrasted with the paleness of his alabaster skin. A gold and ivory cloak hung from his broad shoulders, and upon closer inspection, Charlotte saw that there were all kinds of nightmarish scenes embroidered on it in crimson thread. Most of the scenes involved giants and giantesses (Fay, she guessed) brutalizing tiny people, tearing them apart or stomping on them like vermin.

Lady Ateinia dropped down to one knee before the titan, and his ethereal gaze shifted to her.

“I’ve brought you the human, as requested,” she announced, and the giant nodded languidly, as if he were bored. He didn’t say anything, instead reaching down for a titanic goblet that was as big as a water tower. His fingers were long and thick and enclosed in leather, and a variety of rings glittered on them. To Charlotte’s horror, she saw that the immense rings didn’t have gemstones, but rather, bones. Skulls and femurs and vertebrae, all bleached white and all undeniably human. Someone made a low, terrified cry, and Charlotte realized that the noise was coming from her own throat.

The giant’s hand wrapped around the mammoth goblet, lifting it up with ease even though it must have weighed a few tons. Inside, the dark liquid sloshed slightly. Wine? Except it didn’t smell like wine…it was more metallic, organic. Charlotte had an idea what it was, but she refused to accept it until the titan grabbed one of the women, pinching her body between his thumb and index finger. She squealed pitifully as he held her over the goblet, and then popped her like a grape. Blood and pulped flesh splashed down into the cup, and Charlotte watched in mute disgust, resisting the urge to gag.

“So you’re part of the Resistance,” the giant said, wiping away the woman’s intestines, which clung to the lip of the goblet. Charlotte realized that he was talking to her, and she croaked out a feeble “Yes.”

He raised the goblet to his lips, took a sip of the repulsive liquid. Charlotte’s stomach did violent somersaults all the while.

“We’ve caught some of her comrades,” Lady Ateinia said, her voice dripping with venom. “The scum gave in so eas—,”

The giant’s hand moved downward, and he gently but firmly placed a gargantuan fingertip against Ateinia’s lower face, silencing her.

“I didn’t give you permission to speak, Lady Ateinia.” The gargantuan Fay’s eyebrows quirked in amusement. They were a dark, unnatural crimson, like the rest of his hair. “Now, unlock the human’s shackles.”

He removed his finger, and Lady Ateinia sputtered, “B-b-but Lord! I don’t think—,”

The massive gloved fist seized her, cutting off her sentence as well as her air supply. The Fay woman’s face darkened, her silvery eyes bulging from their sockets as he lifted her upwards. One of her arms was still free, and her hand clawed desperately at the mammoth fingers wrapped around her body. But the digits continued to squeeze, tighter and tighter, until there was a loud, sickening crunch. Lady Ateinia’s mouth stretched open wide, as if she wanted to scream, but any noise that she was trying to make was muffled by the stream of blood pouring from between her lips. The arm that had been pounding at the titan’s fingers jerked wildly, then went limp.

“Unlock the human’s shackles,” the giant repeated, and the armored guards hurried to carry out his orders. As one of them freed Charlotte, she gazed up in time to see his hand open. She tried not to tremble as Lady Ateinia’s lifeless body tumbled to the floor.

The giant smiled down at her, his sharp white teeth bared. “Come here.”

Heart hammering in her chest, Charlotte reluctantly walked toward him.


Hasiron, the Lord of the Seventeenth Sector, the Ruthless One, the Conqueror of Humanity, studied the tiny woman as she trudged in his direction. She was wearing a white matrimonial garment, the cloth stained and ripped. For twenty years, he had lived amongst humans, and yet he still found that their behavior and customs were bizarre. Monogamy, for example. Sisao formed partnerships purely for political and societal reasons, and as soon as a partner was no longer useful, they were abandoned. The idea of dedicating one’s self to another, purely out of affection…well, Hasiron didn’t understand it at all.

But they intrigued him, these ugly creatures with their short, sad lives. Like this one, this Resistance fighter. She was swallowed up by his large shadow, yet she was still brave enough to meet his eyes. In a way, Hasiron admired her, which is why she wasn’t dead. Yet.

He took another sip from the goblet, swirling the salty blood around on his tongue. The captive’s face blanched and she looked away quickly, her gaze falling upon Lady Ateinia’s pulverized body. Drying blood caked the dead Sisao’s chin and neck, and her glassy eyes stared into the distance. What a foolish woman Ateinia had been. Foolish and ambitious. She had drank of the masea, the elixir that gave the Sisao lords and ladies their incredible power and size. And he knew that she had longed for more, to be larger and stronger. Unfortunately for her, Hasiron didn’t suffer his rivals to live.

His tiny human pets scattered when he put down the goblet. Hasiron had dozens of them, and they rarely lived past a few months. They were so fragile, and broke far too easily. On the other hand, there were so many humans, so he had a nearly limitless supply.

The woman in the white dress balled up her little hands into fists and jutted out her jaw in an obvious display of bravado. “I’m not going to tell you anything.”

“About the Resistance?” Hasiron smirked. “Don’t worry, you won’t have to. Your friends have already told us everything that we need to know.”

She looked utterly despondent upon hearing those words, her hands unclenching. Hasiron reached out and picked her up, delighted by the surprised little cry that she made. He ran one finger possessively over her diminutive form, starting at her thick mop of raven hair and ending at the soles of her high-heeled shoes. The human was smart enough not to thrash as he examined her, but she did whimper when he began to peel off her dress. Soon enough, she lay naked in his black-gloved palm, trying to hide her nudity from him but failing. Hasiron pushed aside her arms with his finger and then poked at her minuscule breasts. They purpled and bruised when he pinched them too hard. He touched her sex next, caressing the dark triangle of hair. All the while, she kept her eyes squeezed shut, her mouth stretched taut, like a bow string.

His body was reacting to the overwhelming power that he possessed, but he resisted the urge to curl his fingers around the human and squeeze her until her insides exploded in a spectacular shower of red.

No, he was going to savor this.


When the Fay ceased his probing, Charlotte cautiously opened her eyes. To her left, a silver ring glinted on one of the colossus’ fingers, as big around as a temple column. There were several human skulls embedded in it, the empty eye sockets focused on her. Sickened, she turned her head and looked up. The giant’s immense, handsome face loomed over her, and she squirmed, feeling exposed beneath his reddish-orange gaze. She considered trying to crawl out of his palm, but the drop to the faraway floor would kill her. Besides, he would probably just crush in his fist if she tried.

The giant’s fingers clamped down on her leg, and she suddenly found herself dangling upside down, her face turned toward the towering wall of muscle and bone that was the Fay’s chest. Charlotte began to wail, which earned her a hard, violent shake. Every bone in her body rattled painfully, and she immediately stopped screaming. It took a few seconds for the dizziness to pass, and by then, she realized that the giant was lowering her down slowly, past the huge rounded hills of his abs.

He put her back down on the ground, and she scrambled up, noticing that she was trapped in the corral formed by his legs. His mountainous thighs rose up on either side of her, and before her was the bulge of his malehood, visible through his pants. Much to her dismay, she saw that he was obviously aroused, and he ran his hand over the immense outline of his erection. The other hand scooped up several of the other women, dumping them down into the valley between his legs.

They crashed to the floor, yet still pulled themselves up quickly, prostrating themselves before the giant Fay. Only Charlotte remained standing; that is, until the titan glanced down imperiously at her and uttered a single word: “Kneel.”

She knelt down on the floor, the marble cold beneath her bare legs. At that point, she wasn’t even considering escape, merely survival. The Fay smiled down at them, his expression boyish and almost carefree. Then he snapped his fingers, the sound reverberating throughout the vast chamber. The other women seemed to know exactly what to do, crawling toward the towering alien and, to Charlotte’s amazement, onto him. They were like field mice scrambling up onto a man. No, smaller than that. Like insects, completely dwarfed by the giant.

“You know, most Sisao despise humans,” the giant said, looking straight at her. “You’re such small and weak and pitiful creatures. But I find you to be intriguing. You create such beautiful things, and it’s such a pleasure to destroy them.”

Charlotte sucked in her breath, horrified.

“When I first came to this world, do you know what I did?” The Fay asked, not paying attention to the human women on his legs and lap.

“Wh-what did you do?” Her tongue felt unbearably thick in her mouth, and she found it difficult to speak.

“I visited one of your largest cities. London, it used to be called.” The name sounded horribly familiar to her, and then she recalled what had happened to it. Dear God, so this was the monster that had leveled the city to the ground. The giant had a horribly pleased expression as he continued, “The city’s defenders were already overwhelmed by our star cruisers by the time that I showed up, so there was little resistance. I remember walking down the street, admiring the little buildings and then reaching out to topple a few. They crumbled so easily in my hands, like dry sand, and I was suddenly holding fistfuls of debris and bodies.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Charlotte saw the giant’s monumental cock twitch, throbbing against the tight leather of his pants. He was clearly enjoying the memories.

“They all panicked so much when they spotted me. I could hear their screams and shouts, and when I looked down, I saw them swarming in the streets. There were so many of them, and they were trapped by their sheer numbers. Helpless. I could have just trampled them all, ended them quickly. But I wanted to hear their cries, so I stepped on clusters of them at a time,” the Fay told her. “They seemed to explode beneath my boots, popping and bursting all over the others. You should have seen the reaction of the survivors, covered in the blood and viscera of their companions. The rush that I felt was absolutely exquisite.”

He once against grabbed her in his hand, moving with such swiftness that the world blurred around her. Charlotte started to scream, the sound muffled when he pressed her up against his groin. Her nose and mouth were suddenly shoved against soft leather. Beneath that, she could feel the hot hardness of his flesh, the musky scent overloading her senses. With both fists and both legs she pounded against him. But it was in vain. She was trapped between his palm and his genitals, and she stopped fighting as she understood the hopelessness of her situation.


Hasiron kept the human against his bulge until her fluttery movements ceased. As soon as he undid the thick straps on his pants, his erection sprang free, throbbing in time with his heartbeat. With a creaking groan of leather, he leaned back more. His tiny pets immediately knew what to do, stroking him with their minuscule hands and licking with their little tongues. Long ago, before he had drank of the masea, he had been capable of normal sex. Now he was simply too large for most partners. Not that this particularly bothered him. He liked knowing that he could kill a human or Sisao just for the sake of pleasure.

Slowly, Hasiron dragged his captive along the underside of his cock, toward the swollen head. At one point, she dug her fingers into his skin, turning her flustered face to look up at him in horror and humiliation, and that only enticed him more. Up and down, he manipulated her tiny body, mashing her breasts and belly and limbs against his erection. Hasiron’s breathing became faster, shallower, and he groaned in pleasure as the human woman stared at him with anguished, wide eyes.

He stopped thinking about her, and allowed his mind to drift back to those earlier memories. How he had appeared from one of the Gateways, stepping through the portal and into a city that was already black with ash. The star cruisers had razed entire blocks, although there had still been some buildings standing. To Hasiron’s delight, he had noticed how small everything was. Small, and flimsy. Once he had ripped apart the delicate structures, he had turned his sights on the frightened humans at his feet.

One little blonde had fallen to her knees on the sidewalk, her hands clasped tightly together. Had she been praying to some primitive human deity to save her? Or perhaps she had been praying to him? Either way, it hadn’t mattered. Hasiron had smiled at her, and then positioned his boot directly over her. The little thing hadn’t run, not even when he had lowered his foot down. It seemed as if she had accepted her fate, and when he had shifted his tremendous weight onto her body, the only noise that she had made was a wet squelch.

Since then, he had drank often of the masea, enjoying its complex flavors and its incredible gift of power. But it was never enough. No, he needed more. Hasiron would conquer more worlds, and rise up in the Sisao ranks, and drink endlessly of the elixir. He would grow, larger and larger, until he was as immense as a red giant star. The entire galaxy would quake in terror before him…

That thought drove him over the edge, and he arched his back, his powerful muscles tensing all at once. Several of the human women spilled out onto the floor, and he felt a slight crackling crunch as he flattened them beneath his legs and buttocks. But he was too focused on the ecstasy gripping him, and he growled as his milky semen splattered on the floor, then onto his abdomen, and finally onto the captive clenched between his fingers. She choked and sputtered as his seed coated her hair and face. He relaxed his hold so that she could reach up and try to wipe away the viscous liquid from her cheeks and forehead.

The human saw him observing her, and he felt her quiver. A devious smile spread across his lips as he lifted her up to his mouth. She began to flail in his hand, obviously frightened; her little hands struck feathery blows to his lips and nose. Hasiron chuckled at her feeble attempts, and then licked her, his tongue slithering over her chest. He tasted the saltiness of his own semen, as well as the sublime sweetness of the human’s flesh. The tip of his tongue found the area between her legs, and it forced her thighs apart. His tiny captive went completely rigid, her muscles stiffening beneath his probing tongue.

He relished every sensation: the human’s taste, her desperate cries, the way that her soft, naked skin felt against his tongue and lips. And at that moment, he felt hungry; no, more like ravenous, as if he hadn’t eaten for days. Laughing, he began to gradually suck the woman into his mouth, inch by inch.


Worse than the violating tongue was the way that the giant chuckled, the thunderous sound rumbling all around her. Charlotte’s hands lashed out when she felt herself being dragged into the sweltering cavern of his mouth, but even when she dug her fingers into his upper lip, she couldn’t stop him. she couldn’t even see the giant’s eyes anymore, just his nostrils and the shallow groove of his philtrum. That was when she began to panic, jerking and thrashing. Already, the Fay’s pale lips were up to her waist, and she could feel the razor points of his teeth slicing into her skin, drawing blood.

“No! Don’t!” Charlotte howled just as he drew her completely into his mouth.

His lips were still parted enough so that she could see the red, ridged ceiling of his palate and the ominous blackness of his enormous throat. Thick globs of saliva dribbled down onto her body, and she found herself covered with the warm goo as she tried to squirm back out. No matter how much she tried to crawl forward, the massive tongue just pushed her back into place, occasionally pressing her up against the giant’s inner cheek or the roof of his mouth.

Then the Fay closed his lips, and the light faded away, leaving her in dim darkness. It was like a nightmare from her childhood, imprisoned within the maw of a huge and terrifying beast. With horrifying clarity, she knew that she was going to die, that the giant planned on eating her. That knowledge gave her renewed strength, and she redoubled her efforts, pummeling anything that was within her reach: the giant’s gums, his tongue, his mammoth teeth.

Again he laughed, and the sound reverberated eerily all around her. The Fay could probably feel her struggles, and they no doubt amused him. Then the tongue reared up and undulated beneath her, throwing Charlotte backwards. Her head slammed into something, and she saw a brief burst of white; then it became dark again, and she shrieked over and over as she realized that she was plunging into the abyss of the titan’s throat.

“Pleaaasssse!” Charlotte screamed, trying to stop her descent and failing. The esophageal muscles squeezed her unmercifully, nearly crushing her bones with their strength, and she couldn’t find any traction as she slid further and further down, toward the giant’s stomach.

She wasn’t sure what she had been expecting…an all-encompassing darkness, maybe. But when Charlotte landed in the large chamber of the giant’s belly, she saw that everything was illuminated with an unearthly glow, the same bluish-green color of (ironically enough) fairy fire. She knew little of the Fay’s physiology, although it was clear that this was some sort of bioluminescence. As she slowly regained her bearings, Charlotte realized that she would have preferred darkness.

There were people, or what was left of them, dissolving in a noxious soup. Everything was lit by that hellish blue-green light, bodies and parts of bodies, the skin eaten away by acid to reveal dark tissue and gleaming bone. Seized by an overwhelming terror, she began to pound at the glowing walls of the stomach, her hands sinking into the fleshy folds.

Her anguished shrieks and the giant’s cruel laughter were the last things that she ever heard.


The remaining human women (the ones who weren’t reduced to bloody meat and bone shards on the floor) were climbing all over Hasiron’s body, showering him with adoration. Normally, he’d be amused by this, but he was concentrating on the wiggling in his stomach. The captive’s movements were becoming fainter and less frequent, and he knew that she would be gone soon.

As his little pets kissed his leather-clad flesh, vying with one another for his attention and hoping to save themselves from his sadistic lust, he blinked his eyes, tired. The Sisao guards watched Hasiron nervously, afraid to upset him. It was difficult to believe that he had been like them at one time, tiny and vulnerable. With a casual gesture, he dismissed them, and they quickly left, dragging away Ateinia’s mangled body.

Hasiron closed his eyes, thinking of the masea and of the homeworld. Someday he would return, unfathomably immense, and he would seize the power of the Council for himself. The Council members would fight one another for the privilege of getting to lick his boots…

Eventually, the woman stopped moving in his belly, and Hasiron slipped away into a pleasant dream.