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An empress in another dimension celebrates her Jubilee by destroying a tiny city. Warning: for mature readers only. 

Serai could sense the man’s nervousness.

Then again, she was used to people being uneasy around her. She was the ruler of an entire world and a ruthless one at that. Ever since her father had passed away five years ago, she had faced numerous uprisings, mostly noblemen who wanted to take control for themselves. Serai dealt with them swiftly and with no mercy.

Like this man here, from the Ori District. He wasn’t a nobleman but he was the CEO of a robotics company, powerful in his own right. When Serai had heard that he had been funding some terrorist groups, she had ordered him brought before her. Normally, she would have waited until morning to deal with him, but tomorrow was the Jubilee to celebrate her five years as Empress. So the guards had dragged him to the throne room where she sat upon a simple stone bench. The bench had her father’s idea. He had never been one for luxury; Serai would eventually need to replace it with something more ostentatious.

The businessman was still dressed in his suit, the fabric wrinkled and stained with his blood from when the guards had beaten him. He watched Serai with fear and a small amount of lust. She wasn’t surprised about the lust part, either. The Empress knew that she was breathtakingly beautiful, tall and voluptuous with raven hair that she always kept in a thick braid. Her outfits were purposely fashioned to compliment her beauty and as she sat before her latest victim she wore a low-cut indigo dress, her wrists and neck gleaming with jewels.

“P-please…I-I can explain-,” the man started before Serai kicked him in the jaw. She was wearing high-heeled sandals and the heel hit him hard enough to add another bruise to his mangled face.

“There’s no explaining to be done. You and your family will be executed tomorrow morning,” she replied, secretly pleased by his horror at the announcement. She had to hide the smile as he was carried away by the guards.

“Well, that was particularly brutal of you, wasn’t it?” Someone said to her right and Serai glanced over. Dren stood by the arched windows, an amused expression on his face. He had been her advisor for four years, her lover for three. He was a powerful man, both physically and intellectually, and as much as Serai hated to admit it, her only true friend. She had quickly learned that empresses didn’t have many friends, only allies and enemies.

“Examples must be made,” Serai told him and he shrugged. “I never said that I disapproved, did I?”

Serai smiled. “That’s why I keep you around.”

They were the only ones in the throne room so no one saw when the Empress wrapped her arms around Dren, her bracelets jangling. He really was her perfect match, devilishly handsome with his hazel eyes and aquiline nose. He was not nearly as flamboyant in his clothing, preferring the charcoal gray uniforms of the military elite, but he still shared in her hedonistic outlook. And oh, what pleasures they had indulged in together.

“I have a surprise for you,” Dren whispered and she pulled away from the embrace. “Oh?”

“A gift for your Jubilee. It’s in my quarters,” he explained as he saw her excited smile. She was more than eager to follow him down the dark hallways. The palace was an ancient building, easily a thousand years old, and although it had been updated with the latest technology, Serai still considered having the whole thing torn down. Perhaps she would someday.

When they reached his quarters, he covered her eyes. Usually, Serai would have protested this but she decided to play along, allowing him to guide her. When he took his hand away, she saw that they were standing on the threshold to one of his rooms. It was a gigantic room, minimally decorated with tapestries that hid the interfaces to the palace computer system.

“And here it is!” Dren announced. Serai just frowned. She saw nothing at first until a sparkle caught her eye. She glanced down and noticed the tiny crystalline structures everywhere, glittering even in the dim overhead lights. Every inch of the floor was carpeted with them, laid out in regular patterns. Serai was curious and bent down to get a closer look. There was something oddly familiar about the minute objects. She squinted and then gasped when she saw the pepper-grain specks moving around. Realization struck her hard.

It was a tiny city.


Jeremy and the other inhabitants of the city never could have imagined what Fate had in store for them.

The day had started our normally for the lawyer. He had spent the morning with clients and as he was heading out for lunch at one of the trendy new restaurants near his office, everything changed all at once. It started with a strange feeling of disorientation that made Jeremy’s head spin. As he grabbed for a parking meter to hold onto until the vertigo passed, the sky rippled and darkened. He looked up in disbelief as the sun and clouds vanished, replaced by an eerie artificial light.

All around him, people were having similar reactions. Those on the sidewalks gawked upwards at the strange sky and the vehicles on the congested streets all stopped as their drivers peered out. Jeremy’s first reaction was to call the police but when he took his cell phone out, there was no reception at all. A quick glance around showed him that no one was able to make a call; people stared stupidly at their phones or muttered to themselves.

Jeremy was a take-charge sort of man; he hadn’t moved up quickly in his firm by being passive. The police station was only a few blocks away and he pushed through the crowds of confused people. But just as the station came into view, Jeremy felt the first tremors. He had been in San Francisco during the Loma Prieta earthquake and he recognized what it was. Or, at least he thought he did.

The quakes intensified, the ground beneath his feet rocking and heaving. On the street, taxicabs and cars and city buses rolled and smashed into one another, the pavement cracking like eggshells. Jeremy was more worried about the skyscrapers around him, which hadn’t been built to withstand earthquakes and which swayed dangerously.

Then, without warning, the tremors stopped. Jeremy’s relief was short-lived, however.

He could see her in the distance. At first, he thought that a mountain had mysteriously sprang into existence on the outskirts of the city. It was certainly on that scale, rising up a few miles up into the air. Then he noticed the wide golden straps crisscrossing over the tanned flesh and he looked up and up, realizing that he was looking at an improbably large leg. When he looked over to his left he could see the other leg, equally mind-boggling in its sheer size.

It was evident that everyone in the city saw her. Except for the occasional car alarm or police siren, a hushed silence had fallen over everything. Jeremy held his breath, marveling as the gargantuan being bent down, her vast face filling the sky like a beautiful moon. It could have been a dream except for the fact that that the sensations were too vivid to be anything other than real. He could feel her warm breath as she exhaled, which even from this far away felt like hurricane-force winds.

Her lake-sized amber eyes watched them for what seemed like an eternity. It was amazing and horrifying at the same time. Jeremy now understood what a human must look like to a dust mite.

When the giantess’ crimson lips stretched in a smile that was wider than several city blocks, Jeremy felt cold dread seize his heart.


“Where did you get it?” Serai asked as she crouched down, admiring the little city before her. Everything was so small and delicate. The tallest of the skyscrapers was the length of her pinkie finger. Even more astonishing were the speck-sized vehicles, so tiny that she couldn’t even make out their color. She suddenly felt huge and utterly powerful. The feeling was sinfully delicious.

“One of the military R&D programs, actually. They were working on a device that could teleport soldiers or equipment anywhere in the world. That’s when they discovered this other plane of existence. It’s surprisingly similar to ours…well, except their technology level is more primitive. And there’s the whole scale thing,” Dren explained.

“So you teleported an entire city here?”

Her lover grinned. “I thought it’d be an appropriate present for you. I know how much you adore power, after all. Just think, an entire city for you to play with…”

Serai contemplated this, the city at her feet. There were microscopic people down there, probably staring up in horror at her. She must be terrifying to them, a living mountain in the shape of a woman. The feeling of power increased dramatically as she considered all of the things that she could do to them. And they were helpless to stop her…

Slowly, deliberately, Serai reached out one hand, the shadow covering entire neighborhoods. She wiggled her fingers, knowing that the mite-sized people must be panicking even now. That thought filled her with a dark and awful lust. It also gave her a wicked idea. She touched one of the gleaming skyscrapers with one finger, the structure crumbling to dust almost instantly. Her finger smashed into the street below, bulldozing through smaller buildings with incredible ease. Serai smirked as she wrote four letters across the span of several blocks:


Then she carefully pressed her hand down onto the letters, the minute buildings crunching and turning to powder beneath her palm. When she lifted her hand, there was a perfect five-fingered crater left behind, thin wisps of smoke rising from it.

Serai stood back up, wiping her dusty hand onto her dress as she studied the massive damage that she had caused with such a simple action. Oh, yes. She was going to enjoy this.


When the giantess casually gouged a deep furrow through several city blocks, Jeremy knew that he was going to die. Entire rows of skyscrapers simply vanished, obliterated as the titanic woman dragged her finger through them. He was far away from the destruction but he could still see the debris and the clouds of dust as neighborhoods were simply wiped away. His mind was screaming at him to run but he just stared in terror as the giantess’ hand lowered onto the city, descending like some kind of flesh- colored landmass. He could see the immense lifeline, like some dried-up river, meandering across the huge palm.

Then the hand landed and the resulting shockwave knocked him from his feet. He hit the sidewalk hard and pain blazed through his body. But he didn’t have time to concentrate on the pain because he saw the most horrific image of his life, something that turned the blood in his veins to ice water.

The giantess was taking a step.

He scrambled backwards as the mesa-sized foot lifted, the pointed heel taller than any structure in the city. As the gargantuan foot sailed over several streets, bathing everything in ominous shadow, Jeremy tried to stand up and run. All around him, people had the same idea, fleeing for their lives. As the shadow fell over him, blocking out the light, he trembled and looked up just in time to see the scuffed sole of the sandal, filling his vision. It was obscenely huge, so gigantic that he couldn’t even see the entire thing at once. No, he thought. No, God, no…

That was his last thought before the foot crashed down onto him, crushing him and several hundred other people underneath its astronomical weight.


“So I take it that you like it?” Dren asked, admiring the way that Serai’s shapely ankle twisted and turned as she ground the section of the city underfoot. He had to admit that the sight of her annihilating the helpless beings made his heart race and it took all of his self-restraint not to join her right away. This was her toy, after all. And it wasn’t like he couldn’t teleport a tiny city of his own when he was alone…

“It’s amazing,” Serai replied, her voice thick with lust. She was looking down at the small section of the city that she had razed, the fine gray powder of buildings dusting her indigo-painted toes. Almost daintily, she strolled back onto the floor, leaving her deep footprints in the city.

“I feel like so powerful,” she continued, rubbing at her throat absentmindedly. Her hand moved down to her right breast, caressing it through the silky fabric of her dress. Dren felt himself grow hard, partly because of the way that her fingers touched the soft bulge of her breast, party because of her words. He loved power as much as she did, if not more. And she was correct…they were basically deities made flesh to the inhabitants of this city.

Serai began to slip off her dress, allowing it to fall around her feet. She still wore her bra and panties, black against her tanned flesh. Unlike every other citizen on the planet, the Empress’ body was unmarred by tattoos. Even Dren had the bright scarlet tattoos of the military elite across his broad back and arms, but one of the previous emperors had long ago decreed that no member of the royal family would be marked. Serai’s flesh was perfect, without even a single blemish.

“Let them look upon a goddess,” she sneered, facing the city. “I hope they’re pissing their pants right now.”

The erection between Dren’s legs was now almost painful. He moved her braid aside and kissed her neck, the flowery scent of her perfume lingering in his nose. What he wanted more than anything was to simply push her down onto the city and fuck her then and there, but he knew not to rush it. They would savor the terror and agony of those microscopic people at their feet.

Serai turned her head and her lips met his. Her hand was still on her breast and he grabbed the other one, hard enough to make her yelp in unexpected pain and pleasure. The Empress grinned wickedly and reached up, unbuttoning his uniform.

“Undress,” she said and he obeyed, taking off his own clothing. He was muscular in all of the right places and Serai ran her fingernails lightly over his impressive chest. His penis stood straight out, quivering with anticipation. She saw it and grinned, addressing him and the city at the same time.

“Your dick is bigger than several neighborhoods. I wonder how many people you could squash under it?” Serai pondered.

“We’ll have to see,” he replied with a roguish wink.

“That we do. But first…” Serai put her hands on her hips and called out to the palace AI. “Ki, connect me with one of the servants.”

The AI spoke in an androgynous yet polite voice. “Of course, Empress.”

A split second later a tiny hologram of a servant appeared, projected by the sentient computer surrounding them. The little woman could see and hear them perfectly, her mind linked with the AI, and she gazed up respectfully at the Empress.

“Bring us some food. We’ll be here for quite awhile,” she told the hologram of the servant. As soon as the projection vanished, Serai undid her bra, her breasts swinging free before the little city. She had never been a modest woman and this display thrilled her. Her panties were already wet; she could feel that even as she tossed the bra away. Luckily for the minute people, it landed on the very outskirts of the city, doing minimal damage. When she took off her panties and threw them, she was more deliberate in her aim. They landed on the park, completely covering the entire area in sodden black fabric.

Serai laughed at this.

It didn’t take the servant long to arrive with a tray of food, bread and fresh fruit and a small clay jar of honey. She had been at the palace for several years and the sight of her Empress’ nudity didn’t bother her. The strange sight of what appeared to be a tiny city did give her pause, however, and she stared for a minute too long.

“You would be wise to keep you month shut about what you saw, or I’ll make sure that it’s sewn shut. Permanently,” Serai snarled at her. The servant’s eyes grew wider and she frantically nodded as she backed away toward the door. As soon as she left, the Empress turned her attention back to the city. Dren was crouched down and she saw that he was lifting up several blocks, holding the fragile buildings in one hand.

“I have an idea,” he said and indicated that she should lie down on the cushioned bench behind them. Serai did so, biting her lower lip and wondering what he had planned.

When he dipped two of his fingers into the clay pot and spread the honey from her navel down to her pubic mound, she quickly figured it out. The knowledge filled her with a dark and terrible pleasure.


There was pandemonium everywhere when the giant reached down, his immense fingers plunging down deep into the ground. The hand formed an unimaginably-huge cage that spanned dozens of blocks. Trish had been outside walking her dog when the city had been transported to this strange and awful place. She had watched the giga- sized woman as she caused wanton death and destruction with a few movements. Her pug, who normally barked his head off, had just cowered on the sidewalk, whining pathetically.

Now the giant man was lifting up an entire chunk of the city, the people who were trapped on it shrieking with primal fear. Trish was thankful that she wasn’t near the edge; entire skyscrapers tumbled and fell into the void as they were raised up and up. She still held on for dear life, looking up at the monstrous being who literally held her life in the palm of his hand. She would have liked to say that he was handsome, but the human mind wasn’t constructed to process such a tremendously gigantic creature. Nor did she have much time to stare because her world was suddenly moving. The giant was tilting the segment of the city.

The ground shifted beneath Trish and she found herself tumbling. Other people were also rolling toward the edge, men and women and children. To her left, a tractor trailer flipped end over end, crushing a few unfortunate souls. Trish screamed wordlessly as she fell into space.

She expected to die, crashing into the unforgiving ground. Instead, she landed on a vast plain of sticky sludge that smelled sweet, almost like honey. It was worse than being in quicksand, the thick yellow liquid holding Trish and thousands of others in place. Feebly she squirmed, managing to move her head enough to see the two mammoth breasts rising up like twin mountains in the far distance. They were on the giantess, she realized. Then the sky darkened and she gazed up in horrified wonder as the giant’s face loomed over her. His mouth was open, a gargantuan black abyss, endless. Trish began to shriek as a tongue larger than a strip mall slipped out, licking at the honey on the giantess’ flesh. The writhing people who were mired in the goo were also swept up, disappearing back into the giant’s mouth. There was an unearthly sound and she knew that the people were being swallowed. Tears blurred her vision but she could still see the tongue as it darted back out, a massive and dreadful thing that scooped up everything and everyone before it.

Trish tried to raise her hands from the sticky honey in a last-ditch effort to ward off the colossal tongue. But she couldn’t lift them and she simply wept as she was licked up as well.


Serai moaned as Dren gently licked the honey and microscopic people from her lower abdomen, starting with her belly button and then working his way down. She cried out in pleasure as his tongue found her clit, skillfully stimulating her. She grabbed fistfuls of his dark hair and sat up, gasping.

“Do you realize how many people you just killed?” She asked.

“Quite a few, I’d imagine. But they’re dying for your pleasure…for our pleasure.”

That drove Serai over the brink, her orgasm wild and amazing. It was better than anything she had ever felt before and she relished every second of it, her inner muscles pulsating even as Dren forced his tongue deep inside of her. As she basked in the afterglow, her lover selected a ripe strawberry from the plate and sprinkled more of the speck-sized people onto it. She opened her mouth and he placed it onto her tongue. When she bit down she tasted the strawberry but nothing else. That was disappointing. Still, the thought that she was consuming tiny people was intoxicating. They would die in her stomach, sacrificed to a being that was millions of times their size.

Serai came again.

Dren was still erect and so she lightly ran her ringed fingers along the underside of his cock. He trembled, sucking in his breath at her touch. Serai smiled and then reached for the segment of the city, most of the buildings fallen over like dominoes. She placed it on his throbbing cock and then opened her mouth wide, taking in both his member and the doomed buildings. This time she tasted something, an not-entirely pleasant mixture of concrete and diesel. The neighborhoods in her mouth were obliterated, smashed between her hard palate and Dren’s mighty cock. When her lover orgasmed, she gulped down the detritus along with his salty semen.


The bathroom in Dren’s quarters was enormous and Serai sat on the edge of the tub, watching as hot water steadily filled it. Steam rose up as she added scented bath oils to the water. She was taking off her sandals when Dren came in, holding another piece of the city. The glass and steel buildings glittered like diamonds as he placed them beside her on the side of the tub.

“Are there more cities like this in that other dimension?” Serai asked as she stepped into the hot water. Dren got in slowly after her, taking a second to adjust to the water temperature.

“Several, actually. We could always teleport another city here,” he said.

“Oh, I’d like that.” She leaned toward him, kissing his bare chest. Her soft lips tickled his skin. “So many helpless cities for us to play with. Speaking of which…” Serai reached out and grabbed a bottle of liquid soap, squirting some of it into her hand. Then she pinched a pinkie-sized skyscraper between her thumb and forefinger, shaking out some more victims. If she held up her hand and squinted, she could detect faint movement in the citrusy soap, the teeny people paddling for their lives. They would eventually drown in the fragrant stuff, but she wasn’t going to give them that choice.

Serai began to lather Dren’s chest and abs, moving her hand in slow circles over his powerful muscles. The people in the soap were probably squished into atoms against the skin of her palm and her lover’s granite flesh, so she refilled her hand with new soap and new sacrifices. This time she slid her hand between his thighs, washing his penis and scrotum. She thought that she saw specks in the foam, fighting for their sad little lives.

When it was her turn, Dren filled his hands with living soap and cupped both of her large breasts, his thumbs playing with her hardened nipples. Serai savored his ministrations, goosebumps crawling over her skin. He washed her entire body, from her graceful neck down to the soles of her feet. If she concentrated, she could almost feel the untold numbers of people on her skin. Despite the heat of the water, she shuddered.

Once they were both clean, Dren unceremoniously dumped the remaining buildings into the tub. Most of the microscopic people were pulled down into the water, unable to escape the skyscrapers as they sank. A few survivors floated on the sudsy water, looking like particles of dirt. To the Empress’ amusement, several of the people tried to climb up onto her or Dren, like the victims of a shipwreck trying to crawl onto islands. Except these islands were alive and cruel, as Serai demonstrated when she flattened hundreds of people underneath her thumb.

Eventually the bathwater grew cold and so they stepped out. As Serai wrapped a towel around herself, she watched the corpse and debris-littered water as it swirled down the drain.


“I wonder where they went to.”

Christine’s voice, normally so confident, was strangled with terror. She was the head of the publishing firm and Beth had never seen her so panicked before. The young administrative assistant watched her boss as she peered fearfully out of the office windows. Beth wished that she could offer some words of comfort but there was nothing that she could say. So far, the two immense beings’ actions had seemed capricious at best and trying to communicate with them seemed damn near impossible. Perhaps the military would show up, but what could they do to stop creatures that big?

Christine was pacing, her perfect hairdo slowly becoming undone, when they felt the familiar tremors.

“Shitshitshit,” she muttered under her breath. Beth had been sitting and she stood up, wringing her hands. Through the tall windows, like something out of a horror movie, she could see the colossal hand approaching. It was the giant’s hand, she was sure of it; the fingers were too thick to be those of the giantess.

Christine started to shriek when the skyscraper-length fingers pressed up against their building, blocking out the light. Beth just stared at the windows with a calm detachment, almost as if some part of her had accepted the inevitable. The glass was already cracking, the loops and whorls of the titanic finger strangely fascinating to her. It was not until the giant uprooted the entire building that she moved, and that was only because the entire building was shaking violently and she was catapulted from her position. She collided with her boss and the two of them fell to the floor together.

For forty seconds, the violence was incredible. Huge cracks ran up the walls, framed black and white photographs smashing against the floor; Christine’s expensive oak desk was thrown halfway across the room, spilling manuscripts everywhere. Then, abruptly, it all stopped and the colossal fingers withdrew.

They were on the second to the top floor of the skyscraper, so Christine and Beth had a good view of where they had been placed. Or rather, inserted. Dark red flesh surrounded them, glistening wetly. The temperature had risen rapidly, the air hot and humid and tainted with a distinctive odor. Beth had enough familiarity with her own body to recognize the smell of pussy, except this odor was overwhelmingly pungent, filling her nose and making her wince.

“We’re not in her…” Christine started, looking out the window with horrified eyes. Beth didn’t know what to do, so she nodded grimly.


Serai was reclined on the cushioned bench again, looking on as Dren selected another miniature skyscraper. It was like watching a man pick a small and delicate flower and she was impressed with his dexterity. He knelt down in front of the bench, presenting the little building to her. She didn’t even have to be told; she spread her labia, already moist from her arousal. When he inserted the skyscraper in, she had to fight back the urge to compress it into rubble with her inner muscles.

Dren straddled her, his own arousal evident. As he leaned forward, his rockhard cock mere centimeters from her vagina, she grinned ferociously.

“Kill them, Dren! Crush them inside of me!” She hissed between clenched teeth.

“With pleasure, Empress,” he said.


Behind her, Christine had started to wail again, although she had been screaming so much that her voice was now hoarse. Beth stared with wonder at the world’s largest penis, close enough that she could see the millions and millions of gallons of precum flowing from the monstrous slit. Perhaps it was the incredible amount of pheromones that both of the titans were giving off, or perhaps it was just because her sanity had long since disappeared, but Beth was aroused. She felt like she was in the presence of some awful deities who were the cross between fertility and death gods. Without thinking, she dropped down to her knees as the giantess’ thick sexual fluid dripped down through the spiderweb cracks in the glass.

“My God,” she whispered, her hands outstretched. And then the giant thrust.


The skyscraper offered absolutely no resistance as Dren rammed his cock forward, deep into Serai’s inviting sex. The Empress was moaning like a thing possessed and he was certain that she had climaxed multiple times. Whatever was left of the skyscraper was probably little more than dust and some organic matter. It thrilled him to know that he had murdered all of those people just to make his lover come. He thrust harder, Serai groaning each time that he slammed into her. Behind him, the inhabitants of the miniature city were probably watching, knowing that the giant and giantess would come for them next. They were specks, microbes, to be used for whatever purposes that their masters deemed fit.

“I’ll kill them all,” he growled and with that he experienced the most intense orgasm of his life.

Underneath him, Serai’s body also quivered in pure sensual bliss. He kissed one of her breasts and then the other, feeling like the most powerful man in existence.

When Dren withdrew himself from his lover, a small amount of their intermingled fluids dribbled out from between Serai’s swollen netherlips. He was pleased to see that their little sex toy had been thoroughly pulverized, the remains of the building mixed into the milky fluid. Serai stretched lethargically, looking exceptionally pleased.

“I must say that I’m enjoying this present,” she said, gazing over at the beleaguered city. They had done significant damage to it, entire high-rises ripped up from the ground, her hand and footprints still visible. And there were her panties spread across the park, probably suffocating anyone unfortunate enough to be caught beneath the thousands of tons of fabric.

She wrinkled her nose. “Still, it’s quickly losing its charm.”

“Shall we put them out of their misery?” Dren offered Serai his hand, his smile utterly vicious as he helped her up. The Empress placed her finger on her lips, thinking. While she wanted to raze the city in a vicious display of power, she also wanted to relish it. As she glanced at the bright tapestries that hid the AI, a thought occurred to her.

“Ki,” she said. “Do you think you could project holograms of us into the city? I want to view the end of this city firsthand…”


It looked like Armageddon had arrived and Serai supposed for the minuscule inhabitants of the doomed city, it had. They were standing in what was once a financial-district, except half of the high-rises had toppled from the earthquakes that she and Dren had generated. In the distance she could see one of her mile-long footprints, an immense canyon pressed deep into the heart of the city.

Serai shivered from the thrill of knowing that she had done all of this.

Dren stood beside her, looking amazingly realistic for a hologram. He was dressed in his uniform again, looking dashing even as panic-stricken people ran for their lives. No one paid them much attention, not when two mammoth beings stood at the edge of the city, living embodiments of the Apocalypse.

She admired her true-self from a distance, the sensation of being in two forms slightly disorienting. As she watched her gigantic real self, she realized how awe-inspiring they were. Behind her colossal naked body, Dren studied the city with immense and cruel eyes. Serai wondered if he felt the same sort of orgasmic pleasure as she was feeling, staring up at herself.

Evidently he did, because she could see the monstrous erection between his legs, large enough to bring the city to its knees. Just staring up at it almost brought Serai to her knees and she could feel the wetness between her thighs, pleasure tightening her lower belly. She watched her gigantic self take a step forward, the ground heaving from the violence. The holographic version of Dren was nuzzling the back of her neck, his index finger sliding up into her pussy as he pleasured her.

“We’re incredible, aren’t we?” He asked and she whimpered a reply. Neither of them heard it because the two gigantic versions of themselves were moving across the city, leaving twin trails of destruction. Buildings simply disappeared beneath titanic feet and Serai saw herself simultaneously step down and cower before herself.

She was more aroused than she would have thought possible and when the real version of herself spread her pussy lips, her clear secretions sliding down her legs. A single drop glistened on labia large enough to smother a residential block; the holographic version of the Empress looked on as it plummeted, smashing into the city with the intensity of an asteroid. Anyone unlucky enough to be directly underneath the drop was reduced to red paste; those nearby were engulfed by the thick goo and drowned.

Both versions of Serai gasped in cruel delight, the larger version deafening everyone within the city. Her real self slowly lowered herself, giving the screaming citizens below a horrific view of her cavernous vagina and well-toned ass. The little buildings crumbled like stale crackers beneath her, crunching loudly as she first sat down, then sprawled her body across the city. The way that everything turned to ruin beneath her back and legs was exquisite. Her limbs reached out, devastating miles of the city as she made a snow angel in the midst of an entire population.

The real Dren knelt down beside her, running his hands over her taut belly and breasts.

“My Empress, my Goddess,” he murmured. When he mounted her it was with the utmost tenderness, although the movements were catastrophic to the city below. The tiny holographic version of Serai watched as her true-self fucked the real Dren, each mighty thrust causing the city to heave. As the earthquakes shook the surrounding skyscrapers to pieces, the city sacrificed to the lust of two larger and more powerful beings, the Empress howled with savage ecstasy.


After their holograms had vanished and their minds had been completely returned to their bodies, Serai and Dren laid together in post-coital bliss. Most of the city was now reduced to gray dust, to be swept away by the servants when they came to clean the room. Millions of people gone, just to sate their sexual appetites, and the Empress felt nothing but a terrible satisfaction.

Reluctantly, she stood up, brushing off the detritus from her body.

“I must rest…I have to be up early for my Jubilee tomorrow,” she said as Dren sat up. Honestly, after all of the deviant fun that she had had that night, she was not looking forward to the formal celebrations, where the nobility would give long and boring speeches about her glorious reign.

“Well, perhaps we can do something special after the celebration,” he said. Serai paused in the doorway, glancing over her shoulder at him.

“The teleportation device works both ways,” Dren told her with a wicked grin. She raised her eyebrows and then returned the smile.