Hell of a Show

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In a dystopian society, a brutal reality show is a giant success. Spokle (http://spokleart.deviantart.com/) created the illustration. Warning: for mature readers only.

Episode 51

The camera mounted on the side of the post office slowly swiveled as Nate Mackinnon crept past it. He looked up at it and briefly considered throwing a rock at the damned thing, but decided against it. What good would it do? There were dozens, if not hundreds, of similar cameras posted throughout the city.

Besides, it might attract the giant’s attention.

The camera continued to watch him. Somewhere, miles away, the reality show’s employees were observing the footage, patiently waiting for the good part. It sickened him to think that people actually looked forward to watching other humans being slaughtered by a certified monster. But violence and sex and death sold so well; the show Extermination was proof of this. Nate could honestly say that he had never watched it before, although it received enough media attention that everyone knew the premise. All criminals, ranging from petty thieves to serial killers, were sentenced to “participate” in the show. Every week busloads of luckless souls were driven out to Gehenna, a small city created specifically for the show. And there they were dumped, trapped within the city’s tall walls, waiting to die in a most excruciating way.

Nate was one of those unfortunate participants. Although he had known the consequences of breaking the law, the lure of cold hard cash had proven to be irresistible. He had been selling drugs for nearly six months before he was caught and swiftly sentenced. It wasn’t until he was dropped-off in Gehenna that he fully realized his predicament.

He had been given basic staples, including vacuum-sealed pouches of food and bottled water. As he had stood there, clutching his supplies, the guard calmly told him that anyone caught trying to climb the walls would be shot. His final bit of advice was to start running, because Raum would be visiting soon.

Before the prison bus was even out of sight, Nate had heeded that advice. He had run aimlessly for a while, past empty buildings and cars, and had finally chosen to spend the night in a little grocery store. He had cowered under one of the checkout counters, fearfully listening to the screams from outside. Even worse had been the giant’s laughter, thunderous and awful. He had pressed his hands to his ears but couldn’t muffle out the sound.

Nate had stayed in the store for several days, spending the time peering out the window and reading some of the old magazines that the show’s producers had so thoughtfully placed in the magazine racks. One issue of Entertainment Weekly was about Extermination and Nate’s blood had frozen in his veins when he saw the photo of Raum.

He looked like a normal guy, attractive, the sort of person who could have been a successful businessman, politician or actor. It wasn’t until the viewer saw that he was holding a tiny person in his open hand that it became evident that this was no ordinary man. Even in the photo, the giant’s intense blue eyes sparkled with malice.

The caption below proclaimed “Extermination is a Giant Hit!”

Nate had promptly ripped the magazine to shreds.

He probably would have remained in his hiding place longer if Raum hadn’t found him. He had been asleep in his usual spot beneath the checkout counter when the titanic hand crashed through the front of the store, showering chunks of concrete and glass everywhere. Nate had watched, petrified, as the hand with its boat-sized fingers effortlessly smashed through the aisles, toppling shelves and their contents. There was a terrible deliberateness about the hand’s movements and he knew that Raum was searching for victims. Nate had held his breath, trying to make himself as inconspicuous as possible as the monstrous hand withdrew.

Several seconds had passed, but he had remained motionless, warily studying the gaping hole in the front of the store. It turned out that he had been lucky that he didn’t move, because an immense eye had suddenly dropped into view. That had been even more frightening the hand. Nate’s heart had pounded in his chest as the eye slowly scanned the ruined store. He had been convinced that he was going to die, that Raum would see him and either snatch him up or stomp the building into dust.

But he had been fortunate. The giant had eventually lost interest and left, his retreating footfalls causing small earthquakes. But the store had been trashed and Nate had been throughly spooked. He had decided that it was time to move on.

So here he was, wandering through the streets of Gehenna. He had already stumbled upon evidence of the giant’s presence several times. The deep footprints were the worst. Each crater-like print was a graveyard of flattened corpses. Nate supposed that the show’s employees eventually cleaned up the dead bodies and debris, probably between episodes. He just prayed that he wouldn’t be one of those people that they had to scrape up with a shovel.

Nate headed down one of the main streets where he came upon a city bus sprawled across the length of the road, its center crumbled inward like a crushed beer can. The cracked windshield had dark red liquid splashed across it, but he didn’t look too closely as he squeezed past the overturned vehicle.

That was when the skyscraper further down the street moved.

No, it wasn’t a building. It was a leanly-muscled man, awe-inspiring in size, wearing nothing but a tight pair of black shorts and what appeared to be a metallic choker around his neck. A crow tattoo as a large as a private airplane covered one of his massive biceps. The surprisingly handsome face turned and the huge blue eyes focused on him.

“Oh, shit,” Nate whispered. He backed up, right up against the demolished bus.

Raum grinned malevolently and took a ground-shaking step toward him. Nate tried to run around the bus, but the giant moved inhumanly fast.

“Nonono!” He shrieked as Raum reached for him, the enormous hand dropping from the sky. He tried to crawl in through one of the bus windows but the mammoth fingers pinched him, dragging him back. He screamed and thrashed as the titan lifted him high up in the air.

“Put me down! Please!”

“I don’t think so.” The giant’s bass voice was so deafening that Nate’s eardrums felt as though they would burst. He quivered violently as Raum raised him over the vast plain of his smirking face. Hot gusts of air blasted him as his captor breathed.

Nate guessed what was in store for him when the giant’s mouth opened wide, revealing gleaming white teeth. He started to scream again, his feet dangling high above the ominous chasm of Raum’s mouth.

“What are you doing?” He wailed.

“I’m going to eat you, of course. What kind of an evil giant would I be if I didn’t do that?” With that, the colossus let him go.

Nate plummeted right into the open mouth. His fall was broken by the giant’s tongue, the flesh warm and wet beneath him. Desperately he grabbed for purchase, slipping and sliding as Raum sealed his lips. The huge tongue beneath him pressed him up against the hard palate, forcing the air from his lungs so that he couldn’t even scream in the humid darkness. He was roughly shoved backwards and before he realized it he was tumbling down the length of the giant’s esophagus.

Nate must have passed out at some point because he awoke to find himself in total blackness, every inch of his exposed skin ablaze with searing pain. The smell was horrible, sharp and acidic, and made his eyes and nostrils burn. A steady, rhythmic noise echoed throughout the confined space and he knew that it was the beating of the giant’s immense heart.

Which meant that he was in the giant’s stomach.

He writhed in agony, helpless in the terrible knowledge that there was no way out of this.

His last thought was how much he hated this fucking show.


“I have the ratings here, sir,” Erica Jules said to the executive producer of Extermination. Lucas Leimert studied her from across his desk, his thin hands clasped together. He was one of those men somewhere between the age of thirty and fifty, tall and slender with a face composed of sharp angles. As usual, Lucas’ expression was inscrutable. Right now, Erica would have preferred being trapped in Gehenna with Raum than here with her boss.

When Lucas said nothing, Erica nervously adjusted her glasses and continued. “We’re at the top of the Nielsen charts again. Oh, and several more companies have expressed interest in partnering with us.”

Lucas didn’t react to the news; it was as if he had been expecting everything that she told him.

“And Raum?” He asked.

“He’s been…difficult…lately. He went after one of the make-up artists yesterday.” Erica saw Lucas’ eyebrows raise and she added, “But Dr. Okamura indicates that the neural interface unit has been working fine. If Raum’s behavior becomes too problematic again, we can shut him down.”

The neural interface unit was a circular device grafted to the giant’s neck which allowed them to control Raum’s more destructive impulses when he left Gehenna. If need be, they could permanently end their multimillion dollar genetically-engineered investment with a few simple key strokes. The studio was reluctant to even consider this option, however, since they hadn’t been able to duplicate the process that created the giant. Dr. Okamura had recently been working on a more palatable alternative: a complete personality profile reprogramming process.

“He’s been difficult since the day he crawled out of Okamura’s vat,” Lucas said. “Just keep an eye on him. After all, we have the Emmys to think about.”


Episode 58

Raum was thoroughly enjoying himself.

He strolled down one of Gehenna’s streets, which happened to be completely deserted. The little people were probably hiding in the buildings on either side of him, but he couldn’t be bothered trying to hunt for them. He would eventually flush out someone by accident and then he would spend some quality time with that person.

It didn’t take long for that to happen.

He was idly crushing a line of cars underfoot, amused by the way that they easily flattened beneath him, when he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. It was an ant-sized woman, trying to flee when she thought his gaze was averted. Too bad that he had spotted her.

It took him two steps to catch up with her. As his shadow engulfed her, she panicked and tried to run for a narrow alleyway between two buildings. He bent down and blocked her path with one index finger. She didn’t stop in time and bounced right off of his outstretched finger. Evidently, she hit the ground hard because she lay there for a while, dazed.

Raum crouched on the ground and grinned when she sat up.

“Hi there,” he said. As he spoke, the dual-purpose unit around his neck simultaneously translated the sounds that came from his gigantic vocal cords into something that normal people could understand.

The woman immediately began to scream, which seemed to be a common reaction when people saw him. He raised one hand over her, which seemed to frighten the woman even more. Good. He liked it when they gibbered with terror.

Slowly, deliberately, he brought his open hand down onto her fragile little body, his palm pressing her down onto the street. Despite the great size difference, he could feel her desperate wiggling. Her cries were barely audible beneath his hand.

Raum’s grin stretched wider as he applied more pressure, the pavement cracking and crunching. He could also feel his victim’s body breaking, the bones shattering under the intense force. There was a wet squelch and he lifted his hand, studying the pulverized corpse for a moment. Then he wiped the gory remains onto the side of a department store.

There was a teeny-tiny camera posted there, recording him. Normally, he didn’t pay much attention to the recording equipment scattered throughout the city, but today he leaned toward the camera, flashing a thirty-foot smile for his audience. He briefly wondered about all those people watching him. Not the irritating little maggots who worked for the show, but all those people across the country and the world. He had never left Gehenna or the outside studio lot and his only memories were the artificial ones that Dr. Okamura had crammed into his brain when he was first created. His knowledge of the rest of the world and its inhabitants was woefully lacking. He would need to rectify that situation someday…

Raum looked at the camera again. So they wanted a show? He could certainly give them one.

It took him only a minute or two to locate his target, a skyscraper that reached his upper chest. He strode toward it, barely noticing the smaller buildings that shattered against his lower calves. Now that he was cutting a wide swath of destruction through Gehenna, people were abandoning their hiding places and scurrying for their lives. Raum didn’t even look down at them. His focus was on the skyscraper, its mirrored facade reflecting the blood-red sunset and the approaching giant.

He stopped a few feet away from the tall building and peered down into the windows. There was a flurry of movement inside, which meant that there were people in the skyscraper. He gently tapped on one of the windows. Five or six of the tiny figures stopped to gawk at him, which was a mistake. Raum plunged his fist through the side of the skyscraper, grabbing a fistful of victims.

With his other hand he pulled down the front of his shorts, his cock already hardening in anticipation of what was in store for this pathetic skyscraper. He groaned with pleasure as he callously mashed the shrieking people against his erection. Through the ragged gap in the building, he could make out several survivors peering up at him fearfully.

“You’re next,” he growled.

The people immediately disappeared from view.

Raum grabbed either side of the building, his fingers sinking deep into it. His cock brushed the cool exterior of the skyscraper and he sucked in his breath. Instinctively he thrust his hips forward, his penis penetrating deep into the innards of the building. There was some resistance, walls and furniture and probably more than a few people, but he easily bulldozed his way in. There was probably more than a few of the show’s cameras in there as well, recording his missile-sized member as it crushed everything beneath it. He would have to ask Lucas for a copy of the episode so that he could watch it for himself.

That thought only aroused him more.

He withdraw himself, then slammed into the skyscraper again, rocking the building on its foundation. Now this was fantastic. He didn’t regret for one moment that he had never been normal-sized. What good was sex without mass destruction and death?

Raum gripped the building tighter, his hands plowing through several floors. There was a loud creaking sound and he knew that his fuck toy was rapidly losing its structural integrity. The skyscraper tottered and leaned against him, like a drunken lover. One final thrust and he came, gallons of his hot sticky semen blasting out the other side of the doomed building. The building crumbled around him, deadly debris crashing down onto the street far below.

He sank down to his knees, panting with pleasure. Oh, yes. He would definitely need a copy of this episode.


One of Extermination’s cleanup trucks drove slowly down the street, avoiding the inevitable debris and the disturbingly large footprints in the road. Kyle Walsh was seated in the passenger seat and he looked at the time on his watch, counting down the seconds until he got to go home. He loathed his job but he desperately needed it, especially in this poor economy. When he had told his new girlfriend what he did for a living, she had just looked at him dubiously.

“You clean up dead bodies?” She had repeated in disbelief.

And worse, although he hadn’t mentioned that. There was nothing quite as emasculating as having to clean up a small lake of the giant’s semen.

God, he was hoping that it wasn’t going to be one of those days.

“And here we are,” His partner, Tom Ferguson, announced. Tom was a big guy and it took him a second to heave his bulk out of the truck. Kyle had already grabbed a pressure washer and was headed down the street. There were dozens of crows gathered on the ground and they glared at him with their beady eyes. When he came too close, they all took flight with a rush of black wings.

Despite the fact that he was wearing a mask, the stink of blood and rot still assaulted him, making his stomach turn. The bodies that he found were far gone and he couldn’t recognize much besides teeth and hair. He hooked up the pressure washer to a spigot on the side of a building and and sprayed the pulped remains down the storm drains.

He heard a noise behind him and thought it was Tom, but to his amazement, it was one of the prisoners. He had never encountered one of the shows’ participants before. As he turned off the pressure washer, he noticed that the man’s face was shockingly white, as if most of the blood was drained from it. Kyle quickly saw why – the man’s left arm was missing and he had evidently constructed a crude tourniquet. It didn’t take him long to guess how he had lost the limb.

“You have to help me,” the man pleaded, his voice weak. He looked like he was about to faint.

Kyle backed away from the man. His boss had specifically told him never to talk to the prisoners. It wasn’t just the possibility of being fired that frightened him, either. It was also the unspoken threat that somehow, someway, he could end up in this living hell as well.

“I’m really sorry, but I can’t,” he protested. He could see the cameras studying him.

The man gaped at him as he retreated toward the truck, the pressure washer forgotten. His hand was shaking as he started to yank open the passenger door.

“Hey, Kyle. What’re you doing?” Tom called out to him. Then he saw the pale-faced man. “Oh.”

The man was breathing hard, leaning up against the side of a streetlamp pole for support.

“Please, help me,” he whispered. “Or kill me. Before the giant comes back.”

The truck door was open but Kyle hesitated. The prisoner wasn’t even begging anymore but just staring at them. The eyes were stripped of anything resembling hope and he found that he couldn’t tear his gaze away from them.

“Get in.” Tom’s voice broke the trance. Kyle climbed in, purposely avoiding the prisoner’s eyes as they pulled away.


As Erica waited for the interview to start, she nervously tucked a stray blonde hair behind her ear. It wasn’t just that she was going to be on a major news show; it was the mountainous giant seated next to her. They had purposely overrode his aggressive impulses a half an hour earlier, so now he gazed dully down at her. Even so, she still felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up as he watched her. Behind the glazed expression, she could see something else. Anger. Hatred.

“Now, Raum. This is going to be live, so remember what we talked about. No mention of obscenity during the interview,” Erica said.

“Yes, no talking about raping buildings or tiny people. Gotcha,” the giant replied. He was looking pointedly at the tablet in her lap, the thing that allowed the show’s employees to control him. Erica shifted the tablet uneasily in her lap.

“Y’know,” Raum whispered. “If you were to accidentally break that thing, I would be forever grateful. Think of the fun we could have together…”

Erica swallowed hard and couldn’t think of a reply. Luckily, she didn’t have to because the two news reporters, Jim Fulton and Maggie Sato, approached her. Jim smiled as he shook her hand, showing off his perfect teeth. Maggie just gaped up at the giant.

“Well, he’s certainly big, isn’t he?” She said.

“Oh, you should see the size of my-” Raum started.

“I think that’s enough, Raum.” Erica’s nails clicked against the tablet. The two reporters took a seat on the makeshift platform, tearing their gazes away from the spectacle of a giant person long enough to address the camera.

“We’re here on the set of Extermination, the hottest show in the country. With us are Erica Jules and the star of the show, Raum,” Jim announced.

“Good to be here, Jim,” Erica said. When the giant said nothing, she carefully typed out a few commands. He winced as the unit around his neck delivered a painful jolt; reluctantly, he muttered something incomprehensible.

Maggie crossed her long legs and leaned forward in her chair. “Now, Erica. There’s been quite a bit of press about the show, not all of it favorable. Some human rights activists claim that the show is brutal and inhumane.”

“Well, Maggie, I would argue that the old criminal justice system was brutal and inhumane. Statistics show that since the government allowed us to create the show, crime has decreased ninety-percent. If anything, Extermination has actually benefited society,” Erica responded.

“I’m sure some of our viewers are wondering how you can make this work financially, especially since you need to maintain a small city and rebuild it on a frequent basis,” Jim said.

“Extermination is currently the most popular show in the world with over four billion viewers. The advertising revenue alone is enough to cover our expenses. Also, you have to remember that all of the funding for federal and state prison systems was funneled into our show. In terms of the cost of maintaining Gehenna, the city is only destroyed a few times per year as we film the episodes. At the end of each season the remaining prisoner populace is executed,” she explained.

“The season finales are always my favorite,” Raum commented with a wicked smile.

Jim glanced up nervously at the giant. “Is it true that the biotech for the show came from the defense industry? There’s rumors that the studio worked with major defense contractors to create the giant.”

“That is correct. Originally, the plan was to create super-soldiers. When the Department of Defense’s budget was cut, we picked up the project.”

“And how do you control him? In other words, how safe is it to have a giant person around?” Maggie inquired.

“There are certain overrides that we can use. Outside of Gehenna, Raum is quite harmless.”

As if to demonstrate this, the titan reached down toward the platform. Both of the reporters looked apprehensive as the colossus’ enormous hand swooped down toward them. He carefully slid his fingers underneath the platform, ripping it up from the ground and holding it in the palm of his hand. They stared up in wonder at blue eyes that were each the size of a delivery truck.

Jim was clearly unnerved by the fact that he was being held by a giant man, His voice quavered slightly as he posed his next question. “Opponents of the show have argued that Raum is a person and that keeping him against his will is akin to slavery. Would you agree with this assertion?”

“Oh, he’s not human,” Erica said, noticing Raum’s gigantic face as it slowly turned crimson with anger. She chose her next words carefully. “He is an artificial organism created by the studio with the sole purpose of participating in Extermination. He doesn’t even have a true personality; he was basically programmed to be what he is. It’s like saying that a piece of our recording equipment should have rights.”

“ ’Not human’? Damn straight, I’m not human. I’m better than a human,” Raum spat. The platform in his hand shook violently and to everyone’s horror, the mammoth pillars of flesh that were the giant’s fingers began to curl inward, crumbling the makeshift structure. As both reporters began to wail in terror, Erica quickly shut the titan down. The hand holding the reports slumped to the ground, the fingers relaxing. Jim and Maggie seemed more than eager to get off. Even as they signaled to the camera crew to stop recording, Erica was trying to apologize.

Jim was flustered, trying to straighten his tie with quivering hands. “That’s what he’s like when he’s harmless? I would hate to see him when he’s dangerous…”

Episode 59

It was nighttime and the only light was from the moon and the tiny street lamps, half of which weren’t currently operating. Raum couldn’t see much in the darkness but he didn’t care if he stepped on someone by mistake. If anything, he was hoping that he stepped on someone.

He fingered the neural interface unit around his neck, annoyed.

Most days, he was in a good mood. After all, he was an unstoppable giant with a city of tiny people to destroy. But after the interview earlier in the week, he realized several things. One, he was tired of being trapped in Gehenna, year after year. Two, he was tired of knowing that the sole purpose of his existence was to amuse other people. And three, he was tired of having to submit to a bunch of assholes that were the size of his little toe. They should be trembling at his feet, begging him to let them live. He imagined Lucas and the others groveling before him and he felt his penis stir.

He closed his eyes and let his mind wander, imaging what it would be like to crush Lucas first, then his assistant, then the good doctor. He supposed that Okamura was the closest thing that he had to a father; after some thought, he decided that he would still squish him like a beetle. Then, once he was finished with the show’s employees, he would move onto his adoring fans.

Oh, how he would make them scream.

Raum opened his eyes when he realized how aroused he was. He decided to take advantage of the situation. But he first he needed some partners, willing or unwilling.

He was almost blind in the darkness and was more likely to squish people than capture them. So he addressed the little inhabitants of Gehenna.

“Listen up. The first thirty people brought before me will be my playthings. The rest of you get to live a few more days.”

It didn’t take very long for people to start filtering into the street, holding each other at knifepoint or dragging unwilling victims. Raum grinned, stripped off his shorts and sat down in the street, spreading his legs to form a living corral. In the silvery moonlight, he studied the insect-sized people being ushered before him.

“Well, that’s actually more than I was anticipating,” he said, pleased. He scooped up a handful of them, delighted when they shrieked. It didn’t matter if they were men or women; they were merely things to be used for his pleasure.

He dumped the people on his groin, groaning as he felt them tumble down his cock and balls. A few hit his thighs and rolled down onto the ground. When he moved slightly, they crunched under his ass and legs.

Raum relaxed against a skyscraper, feeling the building cave in slightly under his weight, and enjoyed the feeling of countless tiny bodies squirming on him. His seventy-foot penis utterly dwarfed the little people, an overwhelming testament to his size and power. Several were trapped on his cockhead, clinging onto him to keep from tumbling off. Their movements were particularly delightful.

When he grew bored he reached out and began to mash them, one after the other, against his flesh. Some of them pleaded with him in the darkness, asking him to spare their lives.

He killed them, of course. Their blood made such excellent lubricant as he finished himself off, his cum splashing onto the squashed remains of those who had died for his orgasm.

And Raum never gave them a second thought.

He continued to think about Lucas and the others long into the night, however.


Episode 62

The Reprieve wasn’t very impressive at first glance.

It looked like a large gold medal, the sort of thing that someone might win in a marathon. The cheap metal was stamped with a simple “R.” If anyone outside of the show had found it they would have dismissed it as a piece of junk.

But Mike Yu recognized it for what it was: temporary relief from the giant’s wrath.

It was a gimmick that the producers of Extermination had introduced as a way of adding variety to the show. They had hidden a few of the medals throughout Gehenna and although Mike had heard of them, he never imagined that he would be fortunate enough to locate one. Ironically, he had found the item in a first-aid kit when he was trying to clean a particularly nasty gash in his thigh. He had been alone in the pharmacy but he still hid his find in his pocket right away, paranoid that someone would take it from him. The gash in his thigh had come from another prisoner who had wanted his food pouches; he could only imagine what someone would do to him if they discovered he had something like a Reprieve.

As Mike headed down the street, he confirmed for the hundredth time that the medal was still in his pocket.

Perhaps his luck was turning around.

Or perhaps not.

A crowd of prisoners was running toward him and he immediately saw what they were fleeing from. The giant casually pursued them, picking off the stragglers one by one. One minute a prisoner was running for their life; the next, Raum’s colossal foot stomped down from far above, leaving behind a compressed corpse. High above them, almost detached from reality, the giant smirked at those dying beneath him.

Mike gaped up at the approaching titan, trying to wrap his mind around the giant’s sheer size and failing to do so. It was like watching a living mountain smash its way down the street. Finally, he realized the impending threat as the giant’s right foot landed a hundred feet from where he was standing, the pavement cracking under his impossible weight. By then, it was too late to run. As if in slow-motion, Raum raised one colossal foot above Mike, revealing the outlines of people mashed against the sole.

“Wait! Wait! I have a Reprieve!” Mike protested.

The giant’s foot stopped twenty feet above his head, hovering over him. Raum looked surprised and mildly irritated as Mike dug the medal out from his pocket. He held it up, the sunlight glinting off of the metal.

“Oh, alright. I suppose I need to let you go.” The giant reluctantly lowered his foot away from Mike. He crept away, Raum’s eyes following him. He had almost made it to the end of the street when the colossus’ hand dropped down in front of him, blocking his path. Mike whimpered as the giant gazed down at him, his blue eyes pitiless.

“A word of advice. If we happen to meet again and you don’t have that stupid Reprieve, I’ll rip your arms from their sockets. Slowly.”

Mike felt his legs turn to gelatin.

The giant didn’t say anything else; mercifully, he bulldozed his way through a line of buildings, leaving Mike to clutch the Reprieve to his chest.


Episode 66

Justin Brun had been holding on for his life for well over an hour.

He had been hiding with several other prisoners in a skyscraper when they heard the distinctive thunder of footsteps. The large room that they were in was supposed to be an office setting, complete with desks in the cubicles. No one had dared to move as the fluorescent lights flickered and the large windows suddenly became dark as a solid wall of flesh moved in front of them. There had been a series of crashing from the floors below them, which meant that the giant was probably rooting around inside the building. Justin could only imagine what he was doing.

The noises had only increased, followed by an even more ominous sound: the creaking of the building itself. Whatever the giant was doing, he was undermining the structural integrity of the skyscraper. Justin had realized too late that he needed to escape. The building was already toppling over, toward the giant. Justin had found himself sliding toward the windows. Several pieces of furniture (and prisoners) had already smashed through the windows and he had simply slid through, right out into the air. He had screamed as he fell, bouncing off of the colossus’ abdomen. Desperately, he had reached out for purchase…and found it when his hands grasped the fabric of the giant’s shorts.

And now he held on for dear life, like a man on the ledge of a skyscraper. Except this skyscraper was walking through the city, jostling him with each earthshaking step. High above him was the cliff face of the giant’s well-defined abs and even higher than that, the massive pecs and broad chest. He couldn’t see much past that.

Below him were the titan’s powerful legs, which seemed to stretch on forever. Each step that the giant took was impressive, the feet far below crashing down onto cars, people, small buildings. Justin didn’t even want to think about what was to the right and slightly below of him; the monstrous bulge in the giant’s shorts gave him a clear picture.

When the giant bent down to grab a handful of cars, Justin almost fell to his death. He held on, watching as the colossal hand ascended past him, one or two cars dropping carelessly to the ground. There were distinctive cries of terror, which meant that there people inside. Justin tilted his head but couldn’t see much. He could hear Raum’s taunts, though, as he terrorized the people in his fist. Then there was a tremendous squealing of metal as the giant crushed the cars as though they were made of tinfoil. A huge ball of twisted metal rushed past Justin as Raum dropped what remained of the vehicles.

To Justin’s surprise, the giant headed toward the towering walls. Which meant that he was leaving. Which meant that Justin might be able to escape from this place.

His hopes were dashed when the titan stopped.

“Ride’s over,” Raum said in a deafening voice as he lowered his hand toward the other man. Every muscle in Justin’s body tightened up as he helplessly clutched onto the fabric of the giant’s shorts. It still was no use; Raum flicked him off, sending him cartwheeling through the air.


“I can’t believe we’re here!” Colleen Morgera gushed to her best friend, Abby Klein. Abby nodded, not really sharing the other young woman’s enthusiasm. Colleen absolutely adored Extermination and even had the complete series on dvd. When she had called Abby to tell her that she had backstage passes to the show, she could hardly contain her excitement.

“Abby, you totally need to come with me!” She had squealed. Her friend reluctantly agreed. Really, she thought the show was terrible. She had watched it a few times with Colleen and had had horrific nightmares afterwards. The worst one had been where she was stranded In Gehenna, her best friend seated in a set of bleachers and cheering as the giant loomed menacingly over her.

Abby pushed the memory of the nightmare out of her mind and rushed to keep up with the rest of the tour group. So far, it hadn’t been so bad; they had mostly shown them around the studio lot, the massive walls of Gehenna towering far above them.

Colleen had noticed the gigantic structure built into the side of the wall first. It was simplistic in design but astonishingly huge in size, reaching up within a few hundred feet of the two-thousand foot wall.

“Is that where Raum is?” She asked the tour guide. The dumpy man shrugged, then told them that yes, he was there. Not surprisingly, he also told them that it was off-limits.

The tour started to leave, but Colleen didn’t go with it. She stood still, staring up at the gargantuan building.

“Come on, Colleen. They’re leaving,” Abby said, tugging at her friend’s shoulder.

“Wait. I want to take a quick peek in there.” Colleen was already heading toward the building. Abby tried to protest again but it was to no avail. The other woman moved with dogged determination, stopping now and then to take photos with her cell’s camera.

By the time Abby caught up with her, Colleen had started the long climb up a flight of stairs. The staircase was narrow and had no guardrail and Abby tried hard not to look down they climbed up sixty feet, then one hundred, and even higher. Her legs were beginning to ache.

“We’re going to get in trouble if someone catches us,” she argued. Colleen said nothing but dashed the last few steps up to the top. There was a steel door with a sign that warned that “Authorized Personnel Only” were permitted to enter. Colleen, of course, opened it and slipped inside.

“Oh, God,” Abby muttered and followed her.

It was dimly-lit inside and so it took their eyes a minute to adjust. They were on some sort of platform overlooking an immense space. The air was cool and had an odd odor to it, unpleasantly metallic. Abby’s skin crawled.

Her friend went right up to the railing at the edge of the platform and took another picture. Abby, deciding that she had had enough, moved back toward the door. Far above, she saw two flashes of light. Her mind didn’t accept the fact that it was the light reflecting off of a pair of titanic eyes until the giant’s face came closer to the platform.

It was like one of her nightmares all over again, except that this time it was real.

Her terror was so overwhelming that she couldn’t move or even make a sound. She suddenly understood what it was like to be prey cornered by a vastly-superior predator.

Colleen’s voice made her jump.

“Raum! This is amazing! I’m your biggest fan!” Colleen was babbling. The giant stared but said nothing. She continued on, gushing. “I’ve been following the show since the first episode. What you do…it’s so hot.”

Raum grinned, revealing a solid wall of huge teeth.

“Is that right?” His powerful voice vibrated the platform beneath their feet. Abby cringed and covered her ears. Colleen, on the other hand, smiled flirtatiously.

“Oh, yes. It’s so amazing watching you have the power of life and death over other people,” she said.

“You mean, like this?”

Before either Abby or Colleen could react, the giant’s mammoth hand reached out. Abby didn’t have time to whimper before she was pinched between the enormous fingers and plucked off of the platform. To Colleen, it was like watching a man pick up a sunflower seed.

Raum scrutinized Abby, who still hadn’t made a sound.

“What the hell’s wrong with her? Normally they scream,” he said. Colleen stopped smiling as he shook her friend, trying to elicit a reaction from her. Suddenly, she realized the terrible danger of the situation. She moved toward the door, only to be scooped up in the giant’s other hand. The skin of the enormous hand was warm and she could feel the construction of mammoth muscles and the solid bones underneath.

“Where’re you going? I thought you liked this sort of thing,” he sneered.

Colleen began to scream.

“Now, that’s more like it.” Perhaps it was nothing more than an involuntary muscle twitch, but the hand imprisoning her squeezed suddenly, sending a jolt of pain through her body. Colleen winced, wondering if he had broken something, and looked up to see Raum moving her friend toward his enormous mouth.

“No,” she whispered.

The giant winked at her as his colossal tongue, gleaming wetly in the dim light, licked up her friend. As Colleen began to weep, he made a show of swallowing, his gargantuan Adam’s apple bobbing up and down.

“I think she’s finally doing something,” He said, smiling devilishly. “I can feel her fluttering around in there.”

Colleen cried harder.

“Why are you crying? You get to see the biggest star in the world, up close and personal.”

She didn’t even have time to register what he said before he freed his monstrous erection from his shorts. It was a pulsating red behemoth and the sight of it made her gasp. Her world was suddenly filled with the vision of the giant’s penis as he pressed her up against it. She struggled uselessly as he stroked her along its length. It was like being dragged over a skin-covered concrete column.

It hurt like hell.

Colleen redoubled her efforts to get away, pounding at the fingers that held her with both fists. The giant didn’t even notice, his eyes wide with pleasure. The speed in which she was being dragged increased, as did the pressure. She opened her mouth to scream just as Raum flattened her against his cock, her bones shattering all at once.


The executive producer was furious.

“Are you aware of what you’ve done? Two people from that tour group are dead and once the media gets a hold of this, it will take years to clear up the PR mess!” Lucas was shouting, his face florid. Erica had never seen him so angry. Behind them, the cleanup team was bagging the remains of one woman; Erica didn’t allow herself to think about the location of her friend.

“Oh, like I don’t kill people everyday,” Raum said. He was sitting in front of them, smirking. Erica gazed up at him, her stomach twisted with fear and revulsion. It was like watching a man-eating crocodile suddenly given the ability to speak. The giant’s complete and total lack of empathy toward other people was appalling.

“This is different! You’re only supposed to kill the people that we tell you to kill.”

“Right. Sorry, okay? I won’t do it again. Scout’s honor.”

Lucas’ face was still crimson. He turned to Dr. Okamura.

“We may just want to place him in suspended animation until this disaster blows over,” he told the bioengineer. Now it was the giant’s turn to become enraged.

“Like hell you will,” he snarled.

“You don’t have a choice in this matter.”

“Screw you, you worthless little shits. I’ll arrrgghhhh!” Raum’s gigantic eyes rolled up in their sockets as Dr. Okamura tapped in the override commands into his tablet. The giant’s massive head lolled on his neck and a thin trickle of blood dribbled down the corner of his mouth as he involuntarily bit his tongue. Erica prayed that he wouldn’t pass out and fall on top of them.

Lucas looked displeased.

“Okamura, I thought you said he was doing better. If anything, he’s become more aggressive,” he said.

The wizened bioengineer looked thoughtful. “Perhaps we can wipe his mind and upload a new personality program. That could solve the problem.”

At that statement, Raum made a strangled noise. For one split second, Erica saw him focus his raw hatred on all of the people below, herself included. It made her heart seize up.

Then he did fall over. Luckily, he tipped over backwards, crushing video equipment that was worth several thousand dollars beneath his astronomical bulk. Erica was thrown off her feet from the impact, her glasses skittering across the floor.

“Great. Just fucking great,” Lucas ranted. “We’ll need to stop production on the show until Okamura’s solved this issue.”

Erica carefully picked up her glasses and cleared her throat. “Well, sir, I’m sure that the writers will think of something. Maybe we can have a guest star…”

Lucas rubbed at the bridge of his nose. “Okamura. Just do what you have to. Quickly.”


Even in a suspended state, Raum dreamed.

He was in a city, not Gehenna but another one, somewhere like New York City or Hong Kong or London, the populace fleeing before his footfalls. He stopped every now and then to grind a city bus or a truck into the pavement, flattening the vehicles into abstract shapes. The euphoric rush of freedom made him dizzy.

“Stop it!” The female voice made him pause and he looked over his shoulder. Standing atop one of the skyscrapers was the tiny blonde with the glasses. The one that was always frightened of him despite the brave face that she put on.

“Hello, Erica,” he said, putting his hands behind his back and leaning down so that he was almost at eye level with her. She was primly dressed in a gray business suit, her hair pulled tightly back. What he noticed the most was her lack of fear.

“Hello, Raum.” Behind her, the blue sky suddenly crackled, as though it was a projection interrupted by static. He felt a twinge of uneasiness, an emotion that he was quite unfamiliar with. Erica saw the look and smiled, almost sadly.

“Your personality profile is being overwritten. I guess it’s as close to death as you’ll come,” the thing that was not-Erica said.


Not-Erica glanced at her watch. “None of this is real. And in twenty minutes or so, you won’t be, either.”

So, the little assholes were going to delete him like a troublesome software program. Raum bellowed in fury, swinging one muscular arm and cleaving the skyscraper in two. As the building collapsed to dust at his feet, he lashed out at everything within reach, bringing down entire neighborhoods at a time.

Someway, somehow, he was going to kill them all.


“Something is wrong,” Dr. Okamura said as he looked at his tablet. An error message flashed, indicating that the old profile couldn’t be deleted.

Lucas raised one eyebrow as the bioengineer worriedly bit his lower lip.


Raum stood in the middle of the razed city, trembling with rage. The sky overhead had turned milky white, which may or may have been a good sign. He opened his mouth to howl once more in defiance…

And then he opened his eyes.


When the giant awakened unexpectedly, Erica knew that they were all doomed. She was already moving toward the exit as Raum wiped the dried blood from the corner of his mouth and sat up. Lucas screamed out to Dr. Okamura, ordering him to shut down the giant again. The bioengineer was trying to do exactly that, beads of sweat popping out on his forehead as he re-entered the commands.

The shutdown failed.

Raum glowered at the people far below him and with a sneer, balled his hand up into a fist. Dr. Okamura looked up in time to see the gargantuan fist high above him; then he exploded into a shower of gore as the giant slammed his hand down with astonishing force. Lucas was thrown backwards like a rag doll, hitting a nearby wall. Erica watched as Raum grabbed her boss.

“Guess your dog collar isn’t working so great anymore, huh?” the giant said to the semi-conscious man. His eyes smoldered with hatred as he squeezed the life from Lucas.

Frantically, Erica slipped through the lower-level door and ran for her life.

Raum crashed through the side of his building a second later.

It was sudden pandemonium all around her as the show’s employees realized that the giant was free…and thirsting for their blood. The ground trembled as Raum stomped the studio buildings as though they were ant hills, his actions coldly calculated. The streams of people he paid even closer attention to, grinding them underfoot.

“This show’s been cancelled,” the giant announced over the screaming. The powerless neural interface unit around his neck gleamed, catching the last rays of sunshine.

Erica sprinted for her car, hoping that she could reach it before the colossus caught up with her. Then one of her high heels twisted and she tumbled forward, people running around her as she tried to pull herself back up. She looked up as the immense shadow fell over her. Raum scowled, his eyes glittering with triumph; then his massive foot came thundering down on top of her.


The studio had an impressive security force, mostly highly-paid mercenaries with a cache of weapons that would have made the militaries of several small countries envious. They quickly realized, however, that the weapons were useless against the titan. Even the tanks were easily crushed underfoot, the flattened metal peeling off the giant’s sole as he moved from target to target.

It took Raum less than half an hour to completely obliterate the studio and all of its employees. He was very careful to make sure that not a single soul survived. Briefly, he wondered if anyone had recorded his rampage before he killed them. It would have made one hell of a series finale.

Raum gazed up at the towering walls of Gehenna one last time, then headed out to find all his fans.