Forty-Six Minutes

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Ye Olde Rampage Story. Warning: for mature readers only.

At first, the coverage of the events that occurred on November 27 was sanitized. Although the news reporters and journalists talked incessantly of the “appalling carnage” and the high death toll, it was not until the cell phone videos and photos spilled onto the internet that the world understood the true horror of what had happened. There was the gruesome picture that showed a series of footprints, each over a hundred feet in length, along one of the busiest streets in the financial district. Each deep crater in the asphalt held the flattened remains of cars, street signs, and worse – dozens of pulped bodies, reduced to little more than human-shaped red smears. Then there was the video which was initially posted on YouTube and then swiftly spread across dozens, then hundreds, of websites. It depicted the freeway at rush hour, vehicles choking the road. It took the viewer a few seconds to realize that something was terribly wrong – that people were evacuating their cars, fleeing on foot from some approaching horror. An immense shadow blotted out the setting sun, blanketing everything in ominous darkness. There were shrieks of confusion and terror as something gargantuan seemed to fall out of the sky, snatching up half-ton vehicles as though they were Matchbox toys. Several cars and their hapless occupants tumbled free, crashing down onto the freeway far below. The cell phone camera followed the huge object as it ascended, crushing the remaining cars with a loud screech of metal. It was far too big to be what it looked like…a gigantic hand.

Survivors were questioned by the media, the CIA, the FBI, and academia as to how it all began. Some refused to answer; others were too traumatized to even form coherent thoughts anymore. Those who did provide answers did not necessarily agree on the events that proceeded the catastrophe. A few claimed that there had been a brilliant flash of light, momentarily blinding everyone within the vicinity. Other survivors asserted that the sky had simply been ripped open, like a cheap piece of tissue paper. The only detail that everyone agreed upon was that it started at 3:21 PM.

November 27, 3:21 PM

From his view atop the fifteen story office building, Elliot could see the tiny figures scurrying below. Many were clutching shopping bags filled with Christmas presents, and the maintenance man mused about how the holiday season seemed to arrive earlier and earlier each year. He shook his head, knowing that he should get back to work but enjoying the crisp autumn air too much. As he was finishing up his cigarette, a strange sensation tickled his skin, almost like static electricity. Elliott didn’t have much time to ponder this, however, for that was when the sky ruptured before his eyes. A tremendous rush of air knocked him backwards even as white-blue lights blinded his eyes. His head must have struck something, for there was a second flash of light and a teeth-grinding pain. When his vision finally cleared, he groaned and reached behind his head, tentatively feeling for the lump that was already forming.

“The fuck was that?” Elliot muttered, noticing almost immediately the deep rumbling noise, like a hundred-thousand engines running all at once. Maybe his head had been hit harder than he thought?

That was when he saw the most unbelievable sight of his fifty-three year old life.

A dozen blocks away or so, looming over the city park, was a gargantuan structure that took Elliot’s mind a few seconds to register as a motorcycle. Except it was the biggest motorcycle in all of human history, a gleaming black vehicle that dwarfed the skyscrapers around it. The wheels alone consumed half a block each, the trees and park buildings crushed beneath thousands of tons of steel. If Elliot hadn’t been several blocks away, it would have been difficult, if not impossible, to look at the colossal thing all at once. But even more amazing than the motorcycle was the figure atop it, its dimensions proportional to the monstrous machine. It looked like a man sleekly clad in black leather and a visored helmet, but how could that possibly be? A huge motorcycle was one thing, but a person who was hundreds of feet tall? He must be suffering from some sort of brain hemorrhage…

Slowly, as Elliot and perhaps the rest of the city looked on, the gigantic head turned, the opaque faceplate reflecting the clouds and the nearby buildings. Far below, on the outskirts of the decimated park, a large crowd had gathered at a relatively safe distance. The colossus seemed to be regarding the crowd, one gloved hand on the handlebars while the other switched off the engine. Elliot sucked in his breath, the pain in his head long forgotten, as the giant leaned down, revealing the snarling emerald and gold dragon embroidered across the back of its (her? his?) leather jacket. A few people in the crowd had the foresight to flee, but most seemed frozen in place as the massive hand stretched out toward them.

Elliot remembered going fishing with his father when he was a boy and reaching into the live bait bucket for the tiny minnows, careful to pick up the squirming fish without crushing them by accident. With the same deliberation, the hand with its sequoia-sized fingers seized a fistful of people, lifting them up for closer inspection.


Alicia had spent most of the morning window shopping with her friends, Claire and Vicki. Technically, they were supposed to be in class – Vicki and Alicia in Intro to Western Civilization and Claire in Accounting 101 – but they decided that today was a perfect day to skip. They were sitting in a Starbucks, sipping lattes and planning their weekend when there was a terrific flash of light and the shop’s windows exploded inward, spraying glass in all directions. Luckily, they were near the back of the store, away from the windows and most of the flying debris, although the shockwave was strong enough to knock them from their chairs.

“Omigod, what just happened?” Claire asked as glass tinkled around them. They could barely hear her above the deep, subsonic hum that rattled the framed photographs on the walls. Some of the patrons were lying on the ground, dazed or injured; others were running toward the exit to see what was going on. Alicia and her friends followed a man in an expensive business suit out through what remained of the glass doors. The scene that greeted them was too bizarre to behold. At first, Alicia thought that the city had (impossibly) constructed a strange new skyscraper in the middle of the park. Except that it was moving.

She was hardly aware that she was being pulled toward the towering thing. It may have been Claire or Vicki dragging her along or her feet moving on their own volition. She was too amazed to do anything but stare, first at the gargantuan motorcycle, then at the titanic figure atop it. The sheer scale of the rider and the vehicle were too much for her mind to fully grasp and she could only look at one detail at a time – a wheel that had the diameter of a large pond, a buckled boot bigger than a tractor trailer, muscular legs that seemed to stretch on forever. And, looking down at them, the head of a mythical Titan, the face hidden behind a solid wall of silvery-black. There was an eerie silence when the colossus turned off the motorcycle. Beside her, Claire was taking photos with her cell phone, her eyes wide with wonder.

Then the giant leaned down with a tremendous creaking of leather, unearthly in its volume. Somewhere, deep in the animal part of her brain, Alicia knew that she should run. But her legs refused to work and she could only gape as the mammoth hand descended from above, her sight suddenly filled with gigantic fingers and palm. When the hand closed around them, she found herself pressed against against several other people. It was as she was lifted up, her stomach flip-flopping frantically, that she felt the awe retreat and terror set in.

When the hand opened again, she found herself standing atop a field of leather, the steady rhythm of the giant’s pulse beneath her feet. Along with the dozen or so other captives, she watched as the giant flipped open the visor to his helmet. She had expected some god-awful monster straight out of a B-movie; what she saw was shockingly human…and handsome. The eyes, each bigger than her car, were green flecked with gold and they slowly studied each individual in the giant’s hand with an enigmatic expression.

Vicki, standing next to her, unexpectedly cupped her hands around her mouth and in a loud voice shouted, “Hello!” Alicia nearly jumped; she hissed at her friend to shut the hell up. The vast green eyes settled on Vicki.

“My name is Vicki! What’s your name?!”

“Jesus Christ, Vicki! Be quiet!” Alicia insisted.

“I don’t think he’s going to hurt us, Alicia,” Vicki said. “He’s a person, not a mons-”

That was when the giant’s other hand came into view, his index finger extended. With a casual flick of his finger, Vicki exploded in a shower of gore.

Alicia screamed along with several others.

That seemed to please their captor; his mouth widened into a fiendish grin. The hand beneath them lowered and tilted suddenly, spilling Alicia and the others onto the leather seat. Alicia bit her tongue when she landed, her mouth filled with blood. She hardly noticed this, for her attention was on where they had landed. They were right between the colossus’ legs, his crotch looming far above them. The leather was tight enough that she could make out the massive outline of his sex, and it wasn’t difficult to see that he was excited by the situation. His body heat radiated out in almost tangible weaves and the scent of leather, and of male, was overwhelming.

With a cruel smile, the giant shifted forward in the seat. Alicia watched, horrified, as the mountainous bulge rolled over several people, their bodies disappearing beneath the astronomical mass. One middle-aged woman in a navy peacoat was only half-crushed, her legs pinned beneath the giant’s genitals. She shrieked and shrieked until the giant leaned forward further, the bulge flattening her like a steam roller. Around her, the survivors were screaming in terror and trying to run, only to realize that they were trapped hundreds of feet above the ground. This fact didn’t stop some of them, however. Two or three people slipped (or jumped) over the edge of the seat, falling to their death far below.

Alicia looked at the murderous bulge, at the plane-sized cock straining against the fabric, then she gazed up and up, into the green eyes. She didn’t look away as the giant shifted forward again, crushing all of the survivors beneath him.

3:43 PM

Todd ran faster than he ever had in his life.

He had been on the outskirts of the crowd, watching from ground-level as the giant brutally murdered several people. People were fleeing all around him, trying to get away while they still could. Todd was seriously considering running way as well, but for the moment he was yelling into his cell phone, trying to explain the situation to the police dispatcher. From behind him, there was a loud rumbling of noise. He turned in time to see the giant take off his helmet and get off the motorcycle, revealing a thick thatch of black hair. For all of his size, he was eerily human, which seemed to make the whole situation that much worse.

“We’ll have police out there as soon as possible,” the dispatcher assured him, but he wasn’t listening. He was too distracted by the sight of the behemoth towering far above him, bathing the people below him in shadow. Slowly, deliberately, the giant raised one immense foot and then brought it down onto the scurrying crowd. The sound was deafening as the boot drove deep into the earth, drowning out the inevitable crunch of bones. Todd was nearly knocked from his feet from the resulting tremor. As the giant’s other foot flexed, the heel lifting from the ground in anticipation of the next step, Todd fled for his life. He heard a chorus of screams behind him, followed by another earthquake as the giant crushed more people underfoot. Most of the crowd was running away from the giant into the main street, where cars screeched to a halt. It was chaos all around him as some people fell and were trampled by the terrified masses. Others were struck by the cars that frantically wove in and out of the stream of people.

A deep, booming burst of sound, like a rolling clap of thunder, erupted above the shouts and honks. The big bastard was laughing, Todd realized. That was when someone crashed into him, knocking him over. He hit the pavement hard and tried to get up, only to be pushed back down by the swarm of people. Rolling over, he looked up just in time to see the bottom of one of the giant’s boots sail overhead, its lugged sole littered with dozens of corpses. Blood and bits of gruesome organic matter rained down onto his face; a pair of twisted and bloody glasses bounced onto his chest. The foot slammed down not more than twenty feet ahead of him, the asphalt cracking like thin eggshell. Several cars were unfortunate enough to be underfoot and they were crushed as thin as sheets of cardboard. Todd’s pants were suddenly warm in the cold air and he numbly realized that he had pissed himself. He watched the giant casually step over a row of buildings, obviously pursuing something. That was the last thing that he saw before he fainted.

4:17 PM

When he arrived at the scene with several other policemen, Kyle was filled with a mixture of terror, astonishment and disgust. He had lived in this city for the past three years but he could hardly recognize where he was. Buildings had been ripped down, the debris covering several streets. Cars were strewn everywhere; the first thing that he noticed when he got out of his squad car was a gleaming silver BMW hanging precariously out of what used to be an upscale furniture store. And the bodies. Kyle had fought in Afghanistan and he hadn’t seen anything like this. The corpses for the most part were pulverized beyond recognition, ground deep into oddly-placed craters.

From behind a row of skyscrapers, the perpetrator stomped into view. Kyle was an avid movie fan and, more often than not, he found himself making comparisons to his favorite films. His first thought was Godzilla, except that the monster hadn’t been that big. Or dressed in a motorcycle jacket and pants that were tailored to his long legs. Godzilla also didn’t give off the sort of calculated madness that this guy did. The giant was holding a section of subway train in one gloved hand, and he squeezed it into a twisted wreck as his eyes narrowed on the policeman.

Jorge, one of Kyle’s fellow police officers, raised a bullhorn even as every other cop raised their firearms.

“Put down your weapon and put your hands above your head,” he said. His voice only quavered slightly.

The colossus dropped the ruined train with a thunderous crash and took a step toward them. Jorge didn’t even get a chance to tell him to stop; every policeman instinctively reacted and opened fire. The bullets didn’t seem to affect the giant as he advanced toward them. At that size, Kyle couldn’t honestly say that he was surprised.

The giant’s eyes brightened, as though lit by some internal energy source, and the green lightened into an intense gold. They locked onto Jorge, who froze, still holding his bullhorn. As the others looked on, smoke poured off of him and, without warning, he burst into fire. Jorge shrieked and whirled, suddenly a human torch. Burning flesh assaulted Kyle’s nose as he watched Jorge fall to the ground, clearly dead. The giant’s gaze moved to a police car and a handful of officers. They too exploded into a ball of fire, the gasoline from the vehicle feeding the flames.

It was like that Stephen King movie, Kyle realized. Firestarter, the one with Drew Barrymore. Jesus, the giant had some sort of pyrokinesis or something.

He had to warn someone. As he turned toward his squad car, though, he felt the demon’s gaze upon his back. He looked up at the glowing eyes and felt the temperature around him climb rapidly, the chilly November air becoming balmy and then scorching in the matter of seconds. His reaction was to raise his gun in some last futile attempt even as he skin began to blister and smoke. Kyle managed to fire a few more hopeless shots before his world burst into flame.

5:06 PM

“More coffee?” the blonde-haired waitress at Sue’s Diner asked Ben. He remained hunched over his cell phone, half-heartedly reading a mechanics blog. His sandwich was still untouched.

“No, I’m all set,” he said. The waitress shrugged and moved over to take the orders of a family with chattering children. Ben stopped reading his blog and peered out the window, where the sun was already setting. He had always hated winter and the longer periods of darkness that came with it. From across the diner’s parking lot he could see nine or ten joggers. Except these were the strangest joggers that he had ever seen. One man wore an expensive three-piece suit; another was a woman old enough to be his grandmother.

“What the…?” He muttered as they approached the diner, still running at full speed. The man in the suit, his face beet-red from exertion, yanked open the glass doors. He bent over, panting, as his fellow runners crammed into the diner. The waitress approached the crowd, clearly overwhelmed. She started to say that she would be with them in a minute when the man in the suit interrupted her.

“There’s some sort of giant monster out there!” He was practically shouting.

The waitress, clearly not knowing how to handle this, gave him a tentative smile. “Sir, I don’t-”

“It’s killing everyone out there!”

Ben would have chalked this up to a crazy man, but the other people with him were pale and clearly upset. One overweight man who looked like an accountant was quietly crying into his hands.

“Sir, you need to calm down,” the waitress insisted, but the man in the suit continued ranting about the monster outside. The mother of the family with the loud children stood up, nearly knocking her diet soda onto the ground.

“That’s enough! There are children here!” She was waggling her finger in the man’s face when there was a gigantic thump, jolting everyone. Her soda, along with several plates and glasses, crashed to the floor.

Everyone froze; even the man in the suit was silent. There was another earth-shaking thump, stronger this time. The booms continued, becoming rhythmic. Almost, Ben thought, like footsteps. He looked outside again and saw what was causing all of the noise.

It was a giant man-shaped monster striding toward the diner.

As soon as everyone else saw what was heading toward them, pandemonium broke out. Some people were screaming to call the police; others huddled underneath the tables. The old woman and the man in the suit decided to abandon the diner and find a safer location. Ben could see them as they ran back across the parking lot, trying to hide between some of the parked cars. The giant noticed them, however, and nudged the cars out of the way with the toe of one boot. When the two people were fully exposed, he crushed them underfoot, fresh blood splattering across the gore already caked on the leather. The giant contemptuously ground the ball of his foot into the pavement before he walked right up to the diner and knelt down. The waitress standing beside Ben whimpered.

Ben wasn’t sure what the giant was planning to do until the mammoth fingers dug deep into the diner’s foundation. Sue’s Diner was a rail car style diner originally built in 1932, the narrow interior crammed with booths and a long bar. The colossus’ hands easily wrapped around the building and with a slight tug, the diner ripped free. Inside, the patrons were callously rolled around like marbles in a can. Ben held onto his table for dear life. Luckily, it was bolted to the floor or he would have been sent flying as well.

With one deft finger, the giant poked a hole in one end of the diner. An immense eye filled the gaping hole as he peered in; then the eye was replaced by a wet cavernous opening. Ben quickly realized that he was looking into a gargantuan mouth, complete with gleaming white teeth that were each the size of a shed. The tip of a massive tongue that could have dwarfed an orca whale rammed through the opening. Luckily, everyone was far enough away and the tongue pulled back, leaving a glistening trail of saliva. Ben was once again faced with the yawning opening of the giant’s mouth. This time, the diner tilted sharply so that everything loose slid down toward the waiting chasm. This included several of the occupants, who shrieked all the way into the giant’s mouth. The mouth closed briefly and there was a hideous gulping sound as the giant swallowed.

The diner tilted further and trembled violently as the giant shook it like a man with a bag of chips. Ben clung onto the table, looking down into the vast blackness of the behemoth’s throat. Several others lost their grips and fell into the red cavern. The waitress tumbled by him and he reached out to grab onto her hand. The rest of the people tumbled by, screaming. Ben held onto the table with one hand, the waitress with the other. Her gray eyes were wide with terror.

“Don’t let go!” She pleaded as the shaking intensified. He wanted to say something but couldn’t. Already, his grip was slipping. He held on as long as he could, his fingers slick with sweat, but one last hard shake broke his grip. Ben and the waitress fell down into the mouth with the others. They bounced against a wet, hot surface, most likely the giant’s inner cheek. The last light of the day abruptly disappeared as the giant sealed his lips and swallowed.

5:14 PM

“This is Kathleen Johnson for Eyewitness Breaking News. Reports have been coming in of what appears to be a giant man attacking downtown. Police have already reported dozens of casualties, including several officers who were dispatched to the scene. The governor has indicated that the National Guard are being brought in. For now, evacuation routes are being posted and people are urged to stay calm…”

5:19 PM

One of the evacuation routes was the highway leading from the city. Already, it was clogged with cars and pedestrians on foot. Experts who later investigated the case were uncertain exactly what happened when the entire stretch of highway exploded into a wall of fire, killing hundreds….

5:42 PM

The giant scooped up Courtney’s car easily as she tried to get away. She had spotted the thundering death as she headed toward one of the evacuation routes. Immediately she rammed her foot down on the gas pedal. Her expensive little Porsche rocketed down the street. She was pretty sure that she side-swiped a pedestrian at one point, sending his body tumbling. But she didn’t have time to think about anything but getting away, the car careening wildly. She only stopped when the mountainous boot stomped down in front of her, blocking her path. Her tires squealed loudly and she missed crashing into the wall of leather by a few inches. As her heart jack-hammered in her chest, she was aware that her car was being lifted. It was like being in an elevator going two hundred miles an hour.

Courtney howled in terror as she saw how high up she was. She screamed even louder when the giant ripped her car open and dumped her into one hand. Her sweater dress rolled up around her hips and she was suddenly thankful that she had been wearing tall boots and tights. The giant leered at her with an lewd expression that she had seen too many times at seedy bars.

“Leave me alone!” She protested, batting at the huge finger that prodded her breasts. It was like being poked by an oak tree.

The giant actually stopped his assault, but that was only because he was now touching himself, his fingers stroking the towering erection in his pants. Then he unbuttoned the top, enough so that he could shove Courtney unceremoniously inside. She pounded helplessly against the leather as he buttoned himself back up. She could feel something monstrous pressing up against her, hot and hard and mind-bogglingly enormous, a vast column of aroused flesh. The air inside was humid and musky and she found it hard to breathe as the astronomical cock pushed her against the fabric. She whimpered, wiggling, but this only made things worse. The giant evidently felt her feeble movements, for his erection continued to swell until she popped like an overripe grape.

Onlookers watched as the giant, still quite aroused, set his sights on St. Ann’s Hospital…

5:50 PM

Kim was having a very, very long day.

She was one of the emergency room physicians working that day and it had been hectic even before the giant attacked. She had already treated one case of cardiac arrest, several lacerations and a broken wrist before the first wave of victims began pouring into the hospital, most of them in terrible shape. She had heard some news about an attack on downtown, but she was too busy to stop and consider this. Her first priority was treating all of the patients that filled the emergency room to overflowing. Even now, more ambulances were pulling up.

Kim was treating a man with a flattened arm, the bones pulverized beyond all recognition, when she heard shouts, crashes. Both she and the nurse looked up in time to see something the size of a missile smash through the hallway not more than fifty feet away, crashing easily through rooms and flattening people and equipment beneath its bulk. Kim had time to take a deep breath before it returned again. She had been a doctor for fifteen years and, despite its mind-blowing size, she immediately recognized what it was. The swollen, red-purple head battered some patients and staff through another wall, leaking copious amounts of sticky pre-cum as it did. Kim couldn’t even begin to comprehend the size of the penis’ owner…

The massive phallus withdrew, then thrust itself back into the emergency room with deadly force. The floor and remaining walls were rapidly becoming slick with blood and pre-cum. An unearthly moan made her teeth rattle in their sockets. Of all the ways that she imagined she would die, being trapped in a building being fucked by a giant man wasn’t one of them.

But the problem was that the titanic cock was blocking the exit and there weren’t any windows nearby. Kim watched the pillar of flesh withdraw again and tried to calculate her odds. If she made a dash for it in between the powerful thrusts, she just might make it. Before she could have second thoughts, she raced for the door. She was almost there when she slid on something (blood or pre-cum or the pulped remains of people, she wasn’t certain) and landed hard on the floor. It was as though Fate decided then to laugh and spit in her eye, for the giant cock barreled back into the room. Kim tried to crab-crawl out of the way, but she was still struck by tons of rock-like flesh. There were a dry crack and a suddenly numbness paralyzed the lower half of her body. It didn’t take years of med school to know that her spine was snapped like a toothpick.

She tried to pull herself away, but it was too late. The giant came with a roar that shattered all of the windows within a mile radius. Great jets of pearly semen erupted from the quivering tip, splashing all over Kim. She gagged on the thick liquid, only to be hit again. And again. She couldn’t get up; she could only lay there as the flood of semen drowned her.

6:46 PM

An hour ago, Eve had closed the doors at the Silver Lily Boutique clothing store, shortly after she heard the announcement on the radio that a state of emergency was being issued. They normally closed at 6:00 PM, but this was an exception. Her two employees, Holly and Tyler, were still in the store, listening to the radio as it reported the shocking news. Tyler normally took the subway home, but it was closed. Holly was waiting for her new boyfriend to pick her up, but Eve couldn’t be sure whether he was even alive or dead out there. They were all stuck here in the dark, the electricity shut off half an hour ago.

“I’m sure he’s fine out there, hon,” Eve lied. Holly was clearly upset, though she didn’t say anything else. She had been yammering on and on about her new beau for several weeks, although Eve for the most part just tuned her out. She had had enough young employees to know about puppy-love.

“Dude’s probably dead,” Tyler muttered and Eve gave him a sour look.

They knew the giant was coming when the shelves began to rock, spilling expensive designer clothing onto the floor. Eve wished that she had a gun or some sort of weapon in her shop; she had always been anti-firearms but was now regretting it.

“Holy fuck,” Tyler said as he gazed through the doors. Eve could also see the giant plowing effortlessly through a line of buildings, dust and debris churning up around him. She was half-hoping that he would walk past them, but of course, that wasn’t the case. If anything, he seemed focused on the shop.

“We need to get out the back door,” Eve said. Holly and Tyler were standing motionless, watching the giant. She grabbed them by the shoulders, dragging them toward the back door, but the giant moved faster than she would have thought possible. It seemed like only a few seconds later he had paused outside of the store, one of his colossal boots blocking the view of the street. A ripping sound filled the store.

The top of the roof peeled off easily, chips of wood and tiles crashing down around them. A titanic hand reached in and, with an exquisite dexterity, plucked up the three people below. Eve found that the titanic fingers were holding her a little too tightly, and she wasn’t able to draw a breath until she was deposited in the giant’s outstretched palm. Even then, her ribs ached terribly and she was sure to have some serious bruises if she lived through this.

She looked up into the building-sized face with its cruel eyes and white-toothed grin. In front of her, Tyler was lying still. She had no idea whether he was dead or if he had merely passed out.

Holly was still standing and strode right up to the grinning face, her hands on her hips.

“What the hell?” She shouted. Eve was certain that she would be crushed like a bothersome insect.

But to her surprise, the giant’s cheeks flushed a deep crimson, the grin vanishing into an expression of chastisement. What Holly said next was even more amazing.

“Goddammit, Ed! I said six o’clock! You’re forty-six minutes late!”