Deja Vu (Guest Story by Galactor)

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A story starring yours truly. (Guest story by Galactor). Warning: for mature readers only.

“Latte, grande please.”

Ryan sighed as he put his card into the reader, his mind already wandering off as he waited for it beep at him. He did that often, the consummate day-dreamer, dreaming of the things he could do and could have done, but recently he had been lost in thought over much weirder things. Least to your average person.

Ryan had been daydreaming… and in fact been quite obsessed of late, about a particular fantasy. He grabbed his latte, nodding half interested towards the Barista as he just sat down by himself, not even really sure why he was here, except for the fact that one particular image kept flashing in his mind when he slept.

Sitting in a Starbucks, a woman with black thigh high stiletto boots, a blue skirt, and blue spaghetti strap dress would walk in, and order an iced coffee. Then she’d turn, suddenly grab her chest, and look -directly- at him. With a smile, she’d start to suddenly…

Well, grow. It would be not so obvious at first, as her clothes somehow, in some way, would grow with her, but as her head bumps into the ceiling, and the screams start to echo throughout the Starbucks he’d know, and they all would obviously know as well. But he’d know something else. That he caused it. Somehow, in someway, he was the one by sitting her that made her grow. Because secretly, deep down… he liked it.

Hell he liked it a lot. As everyone else ran, even in his dream he could hear the voice in his head just egging her on. A little more please, you can break out of this Starbucks! And she would, in quite dramatic fashion. However it would be right there that his dream would end, his alarm would sound, and grumpily he’d wake up to go to work, or to his friends house.

But today, Ryan decided to skip work. He called in sick, as he really just had to. He had to go to a Starbucks. He had no idea why he decided he had to come here, there was no way in hell anything was going to happen. He sighed, sipping on his latte, shrugging to himself as he closed his eyes. Least he didn’t mind the coffee, though really the foremost thing in his mind now was not being caught playing sick by a co-worker. This shop was pretty close to his office…

However as he opened up his eyes, none of that mattered anymore. He watched, incredulously, as a woman walked into the Starbucks.

She was wearing black thigh high stiletto boots, a blue skirt, a blue spaghetti strap dress. Ryan just gasped, not even concerned if anyone around him heard. No. No obviously this can’t be happening. She looks almost exactly like her too! No, I must have just seen her around town, this is real close to my office.

He paused, realizing he hadn’t taken a breath since she walked in, looking back at her as if time had stopped while he thought. God if she orders…

“Iced Coffee please.”

“Right on, and uh… what name is going to be on this order?”


Ryan just stared at her, slack jawed, mind reeling as he watched his particular daydream become reality in front of him. He looked her over, and it was without any doubt at this point. This was her.

Ryan couldn’t help but smile, just at the incredible circumstances laid out before him. She was her. And she was… perfect. He shook his head as he just couldn’t get the idea of what happens next out of her head. She’s going to buckle over in a moment, and she’s going to start getting bigger and…

He gulped as he almost didn’t dare even think the next thought, let alone open up his eyes to confirm it. … I’m going to like it.


Ryan’s eyes shot open, and a moment later he wished they hadn’t as he saw her, buckled over.

“Lady are you okay?”

“Ooooh…. yesssss…”

Ryan gulped as he watched, as she turned to him, giving him a big smile. It wasn’t obvious at first,as her clothes somehow, in some way, were growing with her. But Ryan watched as her head bumped into the ceiling, and the screams echoed throughout the Starbucks.

However there were differences. He never heard in his daydream the sound of her getting bigger. It was intense, the sound of crackling bone, of ripping and reforming tissue. It almost outshone the sound of screams, even the sound of the building starting to stress under her increasing weight.

And he caught himself just… laughing. Sitting, the only one still left in the building, and watching as this woman literally of his dreams grew in front of him. And he also found that he just wanted her to keep going. His dream never got past the part where she busted out of the Starbucks. But this was no longer a dream.

Before he could catch himself he shouted out “Don’t stop!” to her, before really realizing that this not being a dream meant that drawing her attention may have just been really stupid.

Thankfully, if she heard him she didn’t pay him any mind, to busy just gasping, eyes closed, a look of pure orgasmic pleasure etched across her face as she finally, ecstatically, burst through the ceiling, body too large for such a puny little structure to contain her anymore, just like Ryan’s dream.

“Yes… now just… keep going…” Ryan whispered to himself this time, smiling broadly as, for the first time, she literally stepped out of the script of his dream, and out onto the street.

Ryan felt the world shake as that stiletto heel hit a parked car, laughed as he heard the car alarm sputter for a moment before dying as her stiletto alone punctured a hole straight through the engine block of what used to be an SUV.

“Oooh, I could get used to this.” Ryan held his ears as for the first time the woman of his dreams spoke, before just laughing. He watched as she leaned over, Ryan able to look up through the busted roof at her panties, and yet his eyes were transfixed on her fingers. Each one manicured, each one painted red, and each one about the size of the door of the Ford Windstar she plucked up like it was a toy. Because to her it was a toy.

Ryan was covered in dust from the broken building, bits of roof surrounding him. He wasn’t even sure he could leave if he wanted to at this point, so much rubble had been cast into any path out of here, but as he looked at her just… start to add pressure to her fingers, just watching as the doors of that Windstar effortlessly buckled, before the thing fell, broken and worthless, to the ground in multiple pieces, he just wanted to never stop watching her. He didn’t have to worry about himself anymore after all, this was all still just a daydream to him, so surreal his mind really couldn’t still, even now, believe it.

“Hah. This is so fucking cool!” He heard Nyx, his own “personal” Goddess speak, before her other stiletto boot left the scene of the Starbucks, and he heard it to boom into the streets, heel leaving a crater with spidering out cracks going for dozens of feet in all directions into the once immaculate pavement.

“Look at you all.”

Ryan now had a much greater interest in getting out of the rubble now that she had decided to leave, pushing it away from him with a sudden burst of speed, as he watched that first foot once again raise up, his Goddess not walking away so much as she was testing herself, getting used to the new her. And yet, because of the length of her gait, she was quickly leaving anyway.

“Oooh God this is perfect. You have no idea how much I wanted this. I don’t know what, or who gave me this but… I could kiss you right now!”

Ryan ran for a nearby door, the Starbucks behind him now as he was panting, damn near gassed after pushing all of the damage she’d already done out of the way.

As he started to hit the steps up, he heard another…


Another footfall, and then the sudden squeal of sirens. They were supposed to be for dangerous weather, though today they were warning of a quite artificial disaster.

“God, I can fit like ten of you under the toe of my boot. How pathetic is that?”

Ryan just bit his lip. She had such a normal voice too, the type you’d normally enjoy and then forget. And yet now it was coming out of someone who, on her own admission, could simply erase ten people from the world on a whim.

And to Ryan, that wasn’t nearly enough. Now thoroughly exhausted, he burst through the roof access on the twentieth floor. He smiled, as she hadn’t gotten far thankfully, Nyx still standing, hands on her hips, skirt just barely covering up anything for anyone below, but if she cared she didn’t seem to make it known, her short rusty brown hair swaying in the breeze.

“Guh. If only I was a little taller, don’t you think? It’s obnoxious that you all have buildings that are still taller than me.”

Ryan panted, just looking up at her, feeling like he was about to throw up from how fast he got up here, but managed to hold it in, hearing her, albeit barely, through the thumping of blood rushing to his head. But he got the gist of it to be sure, and as he thought about it, and about her, he couldn’t help but find the thought appealing. What if she became the biggest thing in this city? What if whatever happened to her happened again? Was it really him that caused it or just a coincidence. And at this rate, of a daydream coming to life in front of him, was there any such thing as coincidence anymore? And at the end of all those questions, he still had to admit that watching her rise up into the air, just sitting pretty at maybe… six or seven hundred fe-…


Oh no…

“Ooooh yessss…”

Ryan realized at the last moment that his mind had indeed wandered, and for some time. By the time he came to, he was no longer panting, no longer heaving from exertion. She hadn’t moved, so it hadn’t been more than a few minutes all told. Though she was moving of a sort now. Least… she was taking up more space.

Ryan once again heard the sound of cracking bone, of shifting flesh, could hear as she just got better than them in front of him.

“YES… more…~!”

Ryan bit his lip. God she was hot when she was turned on. And this was turning her on something fierce. He just wanted to just watch her grow fore-…

NO! Don’t you dare.

Ryan shook the thought, realizing even that half thought had given her a growth spurt, watching as those heels just grew so fast in front of him they bulldozed into a nearby apartment complex, bracing himself as the debris flew up and into a few other buildings with loud clanging crashes.

“Oh my you all are truly fucking tiny now. Look at yourselves! And I’m still…”

Ryan gasped as that heel just raised.

“… Getting…”

This time Ryan just laid down, as he watched, transfixed, as he could see her leg muscles tense.


The leg dropped with an intensity of a meteor strike. By the time it hit, she was closing in on four hundred feet, and the sheer weight of someone that size made a shockwave that blasted the glass out of every window for miles. Ryan felt the ground move sure, but also felt the building shift, the support beams groan in dissatisfaction, and more than a few loud cracks and bangs as things just gave up in the face of that.

“Hah! Oh my god, LOOK at that! Fuck, I can just kick something now and its like a damn planet coming down. Oooh I love this!”

Ryan could hear her laugh, followed by another loud BOOM. Her footsteps were now big enough to further shake the ground, Nyx just sighing happily as the sounds of her growing were still in the air.

Just how big did I make her this time, shit…

“Oh, never stop…~”

Ryan couldn’t help but get up, knowing that the next step she takes even might be enough to toss him up, and possibly even over the edge of the building. But he had to watch her. She was, in essence, his creation. He felt some sort of responsibility for her, and at the same time just looked on with a warped sense of proud. He’d made that. And he could make it even better still! How could you argue with a craftsman of his caliber if this is his work?


Another footfall brought him out of his reverie as she was starting to walk away. And then Ryan realized: She was walking a sobriety line down main street. Ryan once again found himself blushing, as her feet, her growth now slowed, fit the roadway almost perfectly flush width wise. And so he watched, as the artificial disaster walked, one foot in front of the other, toetip to heeltip, again and again down the road.


This wasn’t just play, at this point it was work. She wasn’t going to be satisfied until every motherfucker was under her, squashed and lost in a sea of rubble.

“Mmm, shame the roads are all closed huh? Almost like you’re trapped with me forever huh? Though I gotta hand it to you all, leaving all your cars parked nice and tight on here is -really- making it easy to get rid of all of you. And feeling them under my boots is just fucking fantastic. You have no idea how many of you I’ve wished death upon. That asshole at the convenience store, that bank clerk who didn’t help me and then swiped my card number and identity… just get fucked, all of you!”


Ryan watched, and before he could even realize it he was smiling. She was so… happy. He finally realized, that for both of them this was a dream that came true of sorts. For him, a vision. For her, a desire. And as he watched, this time he let his thoughts just go, grinning as he watched her hips sway back and forth. What type of man would he be to deny her her moment of glory? To deny an “innocent” woman her dream come true?

He ignored the nagging humanity nibbling at his conviction, the thoughts of all the people now lost in craters, dead and gone forever. He let that slip away, his own lusts, his own dark desires to watch pushing all that aside as he took a deep breath, closed his eyes… and dreamed.

What if she just… grew whenever she wanted, however she wanted?

He smiled wide as he kept his eyes closed, focusing on how she could just outgrow anything she wanted, size nothing but a thought and some time away… his reverie only broken up as he heard the footsteps pause, only for a low gasp… and then…


Ryan just smiled as he opened his eyes, eager to watch her ascension.