Daily Grind: Fanfic (Guest Story by Kosmita)

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A story set in the world of Rampage, Inc. Warning: for mature readers only.

It was one of those classy joints with a strict dress code. It was popular among lawyers, executives, and myself. I felt out-of-place each time I visited considering my profession, but I dressed up to look the part. Wasn’t too difficult. A tailored Italian suit, expensive watch, and a sleek haircut always got me into the exclusive bar.

I bought a $80 shot of whiskey and sipped on it as I scanned the place. I didn’t normally like drinking whiskey, but I looked so damn good sipping on the drink in my outfit. I looked like a young executive who climbed the corporate ladder faster than my peers.

As I looked around at the different patrons, I spotted what I was looking for: a blonde sitting alone staring right back at me. She was seated at the opposite end of the bar from me. The soft yellow light from the bar shone elegantly on her bare skin. She looked like a powerful woman. Maybe even a CEO or successful lawyer. I had a slight flashback to my early childhood and thought of that show, Ally McBeal.

I acted cool and walked around the bar and went straight for her. Her eyes never left mine; probably trying to assert her dominance. Who was going to break their stare first? Not me. I pointed at the empty barstool next to her and gave her a look like, may I? She nodded. I sat down and looked her right into the eye.

“Do I know you?” She asked.


“I have the strangest feeling I’ve seen you before.”

“Do you watch the news much. I’ve been featured, here and there.”

She nodded as if she just solved a puzzle. “You’re–”

“The one and only.”

She broke her stare off of me and looked at her drink. She let out a half-laugh. “I can’t believe someone like you has the audacity to be out in public. Like you’ve done nothing wrong.”

“I haven’t.”

“I’ve lost 4 friends, and 20 other co-workers because of you.”

“Is that right?” I smiled. “Tell me. When and where was it?”

“Miami. They were out on some convention. Mostly a vacation, but they wrote it off as a company expense.” I could tell she was masking her emotions with a faux smile.

“I remember. I did a lot on that job. Do you happen to know how I killed them?”

“I think you ate some of them.” She spoke softly with a little lilt in her voice. She was stroking the stem of her wine glass. I could’ve sworn she was restraining herself from throwing the glass at my face. “You sat on the entire convention hall. You probably crushed them under your ass.”

I nodded, reminiscing of that day.

“I was supposed to go on that trip, but couldn’t make it because I got food poisoning a day before the flight. I’m alive today because I ate some expired Chinese food.” She nervously laughed. “And because most of my co-workers were swimming in your stomach, I got promoted. Twice.”

“Well, sounds like everything worked out.”

“I could have been killed by you. Another statistic.”

“Oh, I do love my numbers. Not really fair though. Most of our clients at Rampage Inc. want female giants. It’s hard getting picked up for a gig. But when I do, I do the best job I can possible. Not to toot my own horn, but my numbers are pretty damn impressive considering the few jobs I’ve done.”


“I know right?”

“You idiot. You think this is all a game. Killing and eating innocent people for sport?”

“It’s a job. An incredibly fun job. And no need to get worked up. All destroyed properties and survivors get compensated.”

“How do we get the lives back of our friends and families?”

“You don’t.”

“And you can live with that? How do you sleep at night?” She shook her head in disgust.

“I sleep comfortably.”

She took a sip of her wine. She looked longingly at her red drink. She was having difficulties looking back at me.

Without taking her eyes away from her drink, she asked: “so, what’s your number?”

“17, 589”

“Oh my god.”

“I’m trying to beat a colleague of mine. Marie has something like 30,000 last time I checked. I’ll get there.”

“You’re disgusting.” She scowled.

“Not that you asked, but out of that 17 grand, about 5 thousand digested in my stomach. I sure do love eating people alive.”

She finally looked back at me. There was rage building up in her. The glass of wine was close to shattering within her grasp.

-10 Minutes Later-

My cock slid in-and-out of the bar girl’s tight pussy like a jackhammer. She was in tears. Both from pleasure and disappointment in herself. She was fucking the guy who’s destroyed so many lives and cities out of animalistic pleasure. She hated me. She hated that her friends and co-workers were digested and crushed by me. But she found me irresistible that so many lives perished under the ease of my power.

I fucked her from behind and grabbed a handful of hair. I held her firmly underneath my body and used my muscular hips to drill into her. She was incredibly beautiful with a supermodel body. I was edging on a powerful orgasm since we started. I fought back against the urge of premature ejaculation and concentrated on giving her ultimate pleasure.

After several moments of intense fucking, I could feel her climaxing and losing energy underneath me. I let myself release into her. Streams of hot cum filled her. Her legs spasmed and started trembling uncontrollably. I pulled out my wet cock from her and let it drip over her ass. I straddled and lowered myself over her. She was trapped between my legs and held firmly under my body. I moved my mouth next to her ear and began to nibble. I paused just long enough to say:

“Many have drowned in my cum. Your pussy took so much of it like a champ. Hard to believe that same cum could flood streets and sweep away scores of human lives, huh?”


I slid my once again erect cock into her. I pushed my hips as far as they could go; her plump ass getting squeezed in the process. I held myself deep in her. I let my cock throb and pulsate in her as it grew larger.

“Still disgusted in me?” I asked.

“Yes.” She panted. Her whole body glistened with sweat.

“Then why do you want me to fuck you?” I pulled out and pushed back into her with force, eliciting a pleasurable yelp.

She didn’t answer. I forcefully pumped into her, while squeezing her body under me. I moaned and grunted while asking her my last question, over and over. “Why do you want me to fuck you?”

She finally answered, shamed by her response. “Because I love GIANTS.”

I climaxed again.

-10 Minutes Later-

I took a shower and got dressed. The bar girl was still sprawled on the hotel bed, pools of love juices soaking the sheets between her leg. Her body looked red hot, exhausted, and satisfied. I pulled out a business card from my wallet and set it on the bedside nightstand. I turned to leave and heard the woman rising from bed.

“Where are you going?” She asked.


“But I thought, we could.” Realization struck her. “Was this a one-night stand?”

“Doesn’t have to be.”

“Please don’t leave.”

“I have to.”

“When will I see you again?” She looked adorable with her hair all razzled from our intense fuck.

“I left my business card right there.” I pointed at it. “Give me a call.” I turned again, but stopped myself to ask one important question. “What’s your name?”


Fitting. “My name is–”

“I know who you are.”

Must be a fan. “I hope to see you soon.”

-Two Days Later-

I had an assignment that day.

It was the classic bachelorette party with giant destroying a city around them assignment. They wanted me to show up in nothing but white Calvin Klein underwear, be extremely lewd, and extremely destructive. The only stipulation to the assignment, was that no harm should come to the party goers. 800-feet tall in a packed city — looked like they were going all out with expenses.

“Trying to break my record?” Marie broke my trance from the assignment letter in my hands. “Good luck.”

I smirked and nodded. “Yea, yea. I saw the news. Giga-size, really? What are you up to now?”

“They’re still counting. It’ll be awhile before we know the exact number.”

“Totally unfair. Us guys hardly get an assignment. And when we do, we’re never giga. I got lucky today with 800 feet.”

“800? That’s so sad.” She smiled.

“And this is the biggest I’ve ever gotten.”

Carl, the boss, came up to us and said, “okay, that’s enough chit-chat you two. You got a job to do, Jay.”

I ignored his gruff attitude, and said “aye-aye, sir,” and gave him a lazy salute.

I stripped out of my jeans and shirt in front of Marie and Carl. The bulge in my white underwear already growing in anticipation. Carl rolled his eyes and walked away. Marie bit her lower lip and gave me a wink before shuffling off.

I went through the portal and enjoyed the out-of-body experience as my matter teleported and resized into a giant. I had double vision for a few moments before everything came to focus. The air was humid and plentiful. I could hear the hollow sounds of the cityscape before me. Mainly winds and traffic sounds. After a few seconds, I heard the sounds of screams and panic. I drew in a deep breath before releasing it slowly. I flexed my muscles and stretched where I stood. I could feel primal, utter power coursing through my veins. My cock fought against the fabric of the underwear as the chaotic sounds from far below reached my ears.

I opened my eyes and took in the sight. It felt like I was standing in the middle of model city. There were two skyscrapers taller than me, but the rest of the buildings were much smaller. A brownstone building, about shin-height, was next to my right leg. I lifted my barefoot and brought it down on the brick building. I could feel each floor of the building imploding underneath my foot as I brought my weight down upon it. Without hesitating I punched a modern building made of steel and glass in front of me. It didn’t bring the building down, but left a horrible gash within it.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. I am from Rampage Inc. I have been hand-picked to visit your city and fulfill someone’s fantasy.” I hated this speech, but had to do it anyway. “Remember, you can book me or anyone from Rampage Inc. for your giant/giantess needs on our website.”

Step one, done. Step two was to find this bachelorette party and make sure I don’t kill them while I have my fun.

Swarms of people abandoned their vehicles and were running down crowded streets. I moved forward. I let my foot hang above the packed boulevards before letting it drop on the dozens of people. Their bodies popped like grapes and their vehicles folded like aluminum.

As a guy, it was impossible to hide my sexual excitement. My cock was rock hard as I crushed scores of running people. The city witnessed my unabashed sadism. Their lives extinguishing under my foot gave me extreme pleasure and I wanted them to know that fact.

Another crowd of twenty popped exquisitely under my right foot. It was an awesome rush. But, if I concentrated on every soul crushed underfoot, it would take me forever to get to where I was going. So, I ignored the little shits and walked towards my destination without paying attention to the chaos at street-level.

There it was. A brush-metal gray building with rooftop pool and packed with party goers. I sauntered over the building, groaning softly as I felt a city bus crush flat under the sole of my foot. It must’ve been full of people, because I felt both metal and jelly being compacted underfoot.

“Excuse me. I don’t mean to interrupt your party.” The top of the building didn’t even reach my hips. The bulge in my underwear was eye-level with the female party goers. “But may I ask, what party is this?”

A timid, petite woman pusher her way through the throngs of bikini-clad women. She had a wine glass in her hand. “It’s Karolina’s bachelorette party.”

Another girl waved her hand nervously. She was the only one not dressed skimpily, rather she wore a summer dress. She didn’t stare at me, instead she tried to hide behind her friends.

“No need to be scared.” I said. “I’m your entertainment for the next couple of hours. Don’t worry, you and your friends will be completely safe.”
“Oh!” Karolina pushed her friends to the side and walked to the edge of the roof, closest to me. “This must be the surprise! What will you be doing?”

“Anything you want me to. Please tell me…what would you like to see this giant do? And please, be as dirty as possible.”

To me, everyone was a half-inch tall. Karolina seemed a little taller than that. I could see her biting her lower lip and thinking something up. Her girlfriends started wooing and throwing her suggestions. The overall mood of the party went from dread and fear when I first appeared, to excitement and horniness.

“I want to see what you’re hiding under there!” Karolina took the shouting suggestions from her friends. Actually, I don’t think she needed much persuasion.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

I hooked my thumbs under the waistbands of my underwear and drew them off. Booms resonated for many city blocks as my legs, one-by-one, slipped out of the tighty-whities. My cock was finally free. It stood up prominently, swinging side-to-side like the mast on a sailboat. I draped the massive white cloth on a nearby building. My cock swung like a heavy bat over the heads of the tiny females below. I made a fist with both my hands and rested them on my hip. I struck a superhero pose.

“Like what you see?”

The women cheered and gave their woes while holding up their drinks. I grabbed hold of my cock and gave it a few tugs. I could feel it swelling larger.

“I want to touch it!” Karolina cried out.

I spread my legs out, as to lower my height. I grabbed hold of the base of my cock and pointed it downwards, so that it crashed on the rooftop. I ensured none of the little ladies got harmed. Almost immediately, the women climbed on my cock excitingly, like schoolchildren climb on a jungle gym. The sensation of dozens of little hands stimulating my cock almost made me lose it. I moaned out loud, rattling windows and shaking bones.

I think that made the women go into a frenzy. I felt them playfully climbing my cock and jumping on top, and pounding it with their hands. Holy fuck. I couldn’t believe I was being paid to have a swarm of chicks play with my cock. I should be paying them. The women that didn’t climb my cock, made their way to the purple tip. They poured their drinks on my cockhead and ran their little hands all over.

Oh fuck. The stimulation was getting to be too much. My cock throbbed under the 12 women. The tip of my penis swelled and grew under the hands of the 5 women playing with the tip.

“I think I’m going to cum!”

“Whew! Go for it big guy!” Karolina was on top of the mushroom head of my penis. She looked like a cowgirl riding a bull.

It must’ve brought all the little women gleeful satisfaction that they were getting off an 800-foot giant. My massive body shuddered, I moaned, my cock throbbed in sync with my rapid heartbeat.

“Watch out, I’m going to fucking blow!”

I felt my seed traveling out of me like a rocket. Strings of hot cum shot out of me like a canon. I knocked over three of the women, covering their bikini-clad bodies in my love juice. They fell to the ground hard. Some of the women cheered, some gasped, some laughed at their fallen sisters. They didn’t have time to recuperate, before more ropes of cum went flying in the air and covered the rooftop.

My streams of cum died down into just a ooze that left my piss-slit like molasses out of a tree. I tried not to move. I desperately wanted to fall on my back and just take in the afterglow of such a powerful orgasm.

I looked on curiously, as some of the women dared the others to eat my cum. Meanwhile, the three women I soaked earlier, jumped into the pool to clean themselves off. My ultra-sensitive cock felt little tongues and mouths lapping up the cum from the tip of my penis. I yelped as I felt one of them bite down. They laughed at me. Their mouths and hands had the power to control this 800-foot giant. Whatever. They could laugh all they want. I felt like I was in heaven.

As much fun as it was, watching these women play with my cum and fling it at each other, I was ready to move on. I was on the clock, and my time as a giant was going to come to an eventual end.

“I’m hungry.” The women looked up at me. “What do you recommend I eat?”

“People!” They all shouted.

“I was thinking the same.” I grinned. “Don’t you all go anywhere. I’ll be right back.”

I don’t know how much time had passed between me entering the city and cumming on all the women. But it was enough time for most of the city dwellers to evacuate or at least put enough distance between me and them.

But this wasn’t my first time as a giant. I went straight for the train station. It was one of those grand train stations that connect subways to above-ground rails. I ripped off the roof of the elegant building and nearly drooled as I saw a mass of bodies staring back at me with dread. I tossed the roof to the side and started scooping throngs of people onto my left hand. With my left hand full, I pinched maybe five others from the station with my index finger and thumb. I dropped them into my salivating mouth and swallowed. I was already getting hard again.

I walked over to the rooftop bachelorette party and showed them my catch. I lowered my hand so that the women could see all the terrified citizens holding each other in fear. The bikini-clad women threw jeers and insults at my food. They said things like, ‘so long losers’ and ‘have a nice trip.’

I raised my hand to my mouth. There were a lot of people packed on my hand. Two of them fell to their deaths. I opened my mouth slowly and made an “aww” sound. I tipped my hand and poured.every.single.last.one.of.them down my mouth. My cheeks were full of screaming and writhing bodies. I moved my jaw around and sloshed the mass of bodies around my tongue. The few people that fell towards the back of my throat were swallowed. I stroked my hard cock as more people went down my throat. I had to be careful as to not swallow too many at once. There was a real danger of choking.

Through the screams emitting from my mouth, I could hear the party goers cheering at me. They hollered every time my throat swallowed a lump.

I finished swallowing the mass of people and patted my belly with my right hand. I belched. It felt like I had butterflies in my stomach. “I’m going for seconds, one sec girls.” I went back to the ripped open train station and started picking up more people. The idiots hadn’t made a run for it. I guess they thought I was done with them. Like last time, I went back to the rooftop party and showed my catch. I think the women were impressed by my appetite. I swallowed 20 more half-inch people. My stomach was absolutely filled to the brim. It was alive with writhing bodies, digesting slowly and horribly. It made my cock hard just thinking about it.

“How about a little tour of the city?” I asked while picking up Karolina. Her girlfriends encouraged her and went back to drinking.

The half-inch woman laid on her belly on the palm of my hand. She had her head sticking over the side and was looking down pass my swaying cock to the streets, where hapless citizens were being crushed by my bare feet.

I hadn’t stopped being horny since I crossed into the portal. Even after climaxing, I was still horny and ready to cum again. “Want to watch me topple this building?” I didn’t wait for a response. I walked straight into the building. My hard cock punctured through the building as if it was a hot knife going through butter. I created a two-story gash with the tip of my penis alone. I wasn’t done though. I kept walking straight. My chest tore through the building like a house of cards. Building material, office furniture, and people crashed against my massive body. The building collapsed into a cloud of confetti. I stepped and crushed the mass of detritus left over by the building. All the while, the little woman on my hand was safe and sound. I bet she felt the tremor and powerfulness of my body going through the skyscraper with hardly any resistant.

I didn’t stop. I kept walking straight. Buildings that were only shin-height, I stomped. Buildings as tall as me, I walked through. I even kicked and swept my legs across the dense city, causing as much destruction as possible. With my free hand, I dug and uprooted smaller buildings, only to have the disintegrate like sand between my fingers.

“You enjoying yourself?” I asked Karolina.

“This is amazing! You’re so big and strong.”

“You’re so cute. I wish you were big enough to fuck. I don’t even care if you’re engaged.”

She blushed.

I lowered her to my cock. I stroke it with my free hand and compared her tiny frame to my girth. “I fucked a girl the other day with this. Kinda amazing to think it could fit in someone, huh? Maybe when I’m done and back to normal size, we can fuck.”

She giggled. “I might. Don’t tell my future husband, though!”

“Do you think you and your friends could make me cum again? I need another fucking release.”

“Let’s do it!”

I walked back towards the rooftop party. Taking an alternate — untouched — route this time. More screams and pleas ceased under my body as I trampled and crushed innocent lives. Their pleas didn’t make me sympathize them; I fed off their anguish and only made me more excited sexually.

Smoke and fires broke out in various parts of the city. The whole scene turned foggy and hazy as I scarred the city. I reached the rooftop party. The women were still carrying on without a care in the world. Their city fell before them, but knowing they were safe and that the destruction of their city was for their entertainment, they didn’t care. I loved them for that.

“Girls.” I said. “My cock hurts. Having a hard-on for this long…I need a fucking release. Work your magic again.

I straddled the building again. My balls crashing onto the side of the top floors like a wrecking ball. I pressed my cock down on the roof of the building and waited for the girls to get on top. They were as drunk and giddy as ever. They went right to work and started pleasuring my behemoth, monster of a cock. It felt great, but maybe not as great as the first time. I closed my eyes and moaned as I concentrated on the tiny little hands and bodies rubbing up against my cock.

I wanted to cum, but it wasn’t happening. I lifted Karolina unceremoniously to my face and asked her to get naked. She gave me a flirtatious smile while obeying my command. I carefully brought her to my lips and let my tongue taste her feet and legs. I slid my tongue between her thighs and started tasting (what I could manage) of her excited pussy. Without realizing it, I was slowly gyrating my hips into the building. I caused (relatively speaking) minor structural damage.

The women on my cock continued giving me pleasure and I, in-turn, gave the cheating bride-to-be pleasure with my wet tongue. I paused for a moment and brought her up to my eyes. She was beet-red, panting, and sweaty all over. I must’ve brought her to multiple climaxes, considering she was limp on the palm of my hand.

“I wish you were big right now.” I softly said. “I need a big pussy for my big cock. I need to fucking cum, and your friends just aren’t doing it.”

“Maybe I can help.”

I turned my head over to the source.


My god she was gorgeous. She was wearing a black and red teddy and pumps. Her golden hair was done up — she looked like a model. Something was off though. She was a giantess, yes…but not quite the height that would match mine. I knew what it was. She was smaller (relatively speaking). The top of her head probably reached the bottom of my pecs.

“What’s going on?”

“Who do you think paid for your little assignment here?”

That’s when I noticed Karolina, who was still on the palm of my hand, was trembling.

Ally walked up to me. Her black pumps tearing up the streets below. She looked over to the rooftop and brought her palm down on the only entrance/exit on the roof. The party goers were screaming in fear. They were shouting something up to Ally. It sounded like they were either apologizing or placing blame on something. They were pleading to Ally like they were innocent of something. I figured there was some kind of history with these chicks. They were not at all happy seeing Ally as a giantess.

“Please, help me!” Karolina suddenly changed her whole demeanor. She was so excited when I was wiping out the population of her city. She pointed at Ally and said, “you don’t know what kind of person she is. She wants to kill me.” She peed herself in fear.

I looked up at Ally and asked, “revenge for something?”

Ally smirked, and nodded slowly.

“You don’t need to say anymore.”

“I wasn’t going to.” She said with confidence.

“But I am curious…I thought this whole city destruction and me killing your friends disgusted you.”

“Quite the opposite, honestly.”

This giantess was turning me on, even more so. “So, you paid Rampage Inc. for me to entertain your friends only to–”

“–to have me join you. And to have my way with my, so-called friends.”

“Huh.” I shook my head. “I didn’t know we did that.”

“If you got the cash, Rampage Inc. is really accommodating.” She looked around. She was so gorgeous as she looked around inquisitively. “This looks so amazing. I don’t feel big. Everything just feels so small.” She looked at a part of the city left untouched by me. “I’m glad you left me something to play with.”

“I want to fuck you so hard right now.”

“Hang on, big guy.” She looked over at the stunned party goers and delicately lifted a bikini-clad brunette between the thumb and forefinger. She lifted the screaming woman up to her eyes. “Oh Amber.” Ally rested her weight on one foot and placed her free hand on her hip. “You were probably the only one here that treated me with respect. I know you didn’t want to get wrapped up in this. I know you were trying so hard to mend our relationship. Like a diplomat. You have such a kind, generous heart.”

Ally let go of Amber.

The half-inch woman squealed and screamed as she was let go from 700-feet up in the air. Her tiny frame travelled all the way down the length of Ally’s body before exploding like a water balloon on the street. A red stain between Ally’s pumps were all that was left of her.

“That was so easy.” Ally smiled.

My mouth was wide-open. I swallowed a cold lump.

Ally plucked three more women. She gently placed them on the street below. “Run.” The women knew it was hopeless, but took off in a sprint regardless. One-by-one, Ally crushed them underfoot. “This is stupid easy.” She laughed. “What should I try next?”

“My favorite thing of all.” I said.

“What’s that?”

“Swallowing people whole.” I handed her Karolina. The tiny thing renewed her screams and pleas.

Ally licked her lips comically. “Don’t mind if I do.”

I could see her thinking up something. She grabbed hold of my cock and got to her knees. She placed the crying woman on the tip of my penis. Ally laughed at how minuscule she looked on my purple head.

“I was watching you earlier.” Ally told me. “On the news. It took all my, so-called, friends to get you off. Let me show them how it’s done.” She glared at those on the rooftop who were eye-level with her.

She opened wide and deep-throated my cock. It took so much willpower not to cum right then and there. She manipulated the tiny woman with her tongue and brought her on the underside of my cock. From there, Ally bobbed her head back-and-forth, sliding the woman up and down the length of my cock. I groaned loudly. I could feel my balls ready to release a torrent.

I warned Ally. I wanted the moment to last longer, but it was all too much for me. I felt like a virgin.

Ally skillfully used her tongue to bring the bride-to-be to the tip of my penis.

I came like a geyser. The tiny woman screeched as she was propelled to the back of Ally’s throat jet force of my cum. Ally reflexively swallowed. And continued swallowing each rope of my cum that I shout out.

“Mmm, that was delicious.” She wiped some of my cum that was streaming down the side of her mouth.

I was horny again. I lifted Ally up on her feet. Our time was running out. I spun Ally around roughly and made her bend at the hip. My powerful hands ripped her teddy apart. I grabbed a handful of party goers and stuffed them up Ally’s wet pussy.

She yelped as she felt the crying women going up her excited sex. This time, I got on my knees and moved my mouth up to her stuffed pussy. My nose went between her plump ass as I started licking her vaginal lips. I must’ve been doing a great job, because Ally’s legs were trembling and her pussy was gushing with love juices.

Two bikini-clad women slipped out of her and into my mouth. I swallowed them greedily. They tasted wonderful with the coat of Ally’s pussy juice.

In a show of power, I lifted Ally up, holding onto her legs. I easily moved her and held her in my arms, so that her legs were over my shoulder. Her pussy was now in front of my mouth. I went to town on her pussy. I licked, nibbled on her clit, and stuck my tongue into her vagina. As much as I wanted to scoop more women from inside her and send them down to my stomach, I withheld. Instead, I used my tongue to push them back into her.

Ally was moaning loudly, so that the whole country heard her pleasure. She grabbed fistfuls of my hair, and pushed the back of my head into her hips. I was rock hard, and ready for a tight pussy to grip my cock. I didn’t let Ally back down to her feet. Instead I lowered her, so that our hips met.

Ally was whimpering. She was in utter pleasure, and her sensitive pussy was probably afraid to take in my monstrous cock, especially considering our size difference. I couldn’t help but smile. With my hands on her ass, I lowered her onto my shaft. She screeched. I moaned. I filled her tight pussy — all of it — with my cock. Felt three girls pop inside her. Ally felt it too. Her whole body convulsed as she climaxed.

We slowly fucked there. The bodies of her ex-friends crushed and exploded between our tight fitting sexes. We fucked like that until we didn’t feel any more of her friends alive.

Carefully, I grabbed four more chicks that were trapped on the rooftop and fed them to Ally. She swallowed them one-by-one. As the last woman went down her throat, I came. Cum sprayed out from her pussy as I filled it up to the brim.

I was still inside her. She rested her head on my chest and panted as she caught her breath.

“We still got 20 minutes.” I told her. “Want to destroy more of the city and fuck a few more times?”

She looked up at me like I was a madman. “You’re ready to have sex again? So soon? What are you, a machine?”

“Not a machine. I’m a fucking God.”